1. This is a tremendous shot, getting the plane and RPIDE sign behind the needle and pride flag. Great job OP!

  2. Glad you like it, but I can't take credit for the pic, but I can take credit for a shameless repost

  3. Ah, thanks for the honesty. Do you know the original post or photographer?

  4. SS: A Tacoma woman who has been avoiding treatment and isolation for tuberculosis (TB) for more than a year has been arrested so she can receive medical treatment in jail.

  5. Fuck that where in the world is it just a stable , grey , cloudy overcast being 40-50 degrees year round ?

  6. You can take him to downtown Seattle to 3rd ave and give him a first hand lesson on compassion and equity.

  7. HE died years ago and you are seeing a body double. They fatten him up so they have plausible deniability that it's really him.

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