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  1. Sadly you can give as many sources and information as you want, I tried a couple times then gave up because I'm tired to search for accurate info for 30 minutes then be answered a "science is woke" or "here let me explain an anecdotal thing that totally happened to prove your country-wide research is wrong" Or they just don't ever answer, example :

  2. Yeah, they'll tell you you're using "leftist sources" when you're literally just posting science journals and stuff. Or they'll shift the goal posts so that it "doesn't matter" what X or Y source says because it's not the truth, somehow.

  3. There was also a kid who spent years in jail without a trial because he typed something like "if we lose this game I'm shooting up my school, lol jk" in League of Legends.

  4. I absolutely can not believe you'd dare use such vile language on my Christian Minecraft server!!!

  5. Some part of me hoped that despite haruka being like 16 she would still throw hands with some random kids on the street but sadly that never came to be

  6. I see no reason why she wouldn't! She got kidnapped all the time as a kid, and her dad is the Dragon of Dojima. It makes perfect sense that he would teach her how to fight, wouldn't it? On top of that, from a gameplay perspective, it would've been cool to see how she adapted Kiryu's fighting style with her own dance training to create a mix of both that is uniquely her own.

  7. TBF RGG isn't exactly the best abt women in their games. Hell it took till LAD to be able to play as one in a turn-based game, and even then they don't have many "violent" moves.

  8. Yeah, it's a bummer. With a few small exceptions, women are usually shafted in those games. I don't think the devs should be cancelled or anything, but this is honestly my biggest issue with the franchise as a whole.

  9. YouTube Premium is crazy cheap in my country, it's like $3-4 a month. Which I'm happy to pay, it supports creators and gets rid of ads on a site I use for hours per week, be it for active watching or passive listening to music.

  10. The mobile games are definitely one of the main reasons Xbox wants activision. Candy crush is still massive and pulls in billions of dollars.

  11. Absolutely, they said so themselves. The profits from Candy Crush and CoD Mobile alone dwarf any profits that CoD on console makes (which are already quite massive). Mobile is the #1 reason why this acquisition is happening, especially since MS has basically no presence on the mobile market, unlike Sony and Nintendo which both have mobile megahits.

  12. Genuine question, what megahit does Sony have on mobile ?

  13. Layton vs Wright makes perfect sense for a physical - it was essentially a Layton game with some AA gameplay and characters thrown in. Layton games have always had physical releases.

  14. For what is essentially a visual novel with very little interactivity for 90% of the game, these are fantastic numbers. I'm not trying to diss on the game at all, but VNs don't generally perform particularly well unless they're part of a big franchise, like Danganronpa. And even then, there's no guarantee (like Ace Attorney 5 and 6 being digital only in the West due to low sales despite how massive AA is as a brand).

  15. This also happens on reddit. Mods can automatically shadowban your comments. You will see your comment sitting at 1 score and never get any votes. It is visible to you and no one else. You can use

  16. Sentry should 100% be a mystery show. Start the opening scene with the Battle of New York, at that iconic shot of all the Avengers assembling... Except Sentry is also in it. Then flash forward to modern day, with him as a retired hero who suddenly discovers that no one remembers his existence, and has to suit up to figure out why.

  17. I guess I must be the only one who doesn't really feel sad and depressed when Yoko Taro's games are done. Sure, they're sad, but there's a kind of beauty in that sadness. It isn't absolutely heartwrenching, like some other games try to be (like The Last of Us for instance), where it's just a shitty world full of shitty people doing shitty things with absolutely no hope for humanity. There's definitely a sense that life will continue forward, if not in this exact form.

  18. I said one of the most important side characters, i didnt make him out to be an essential character, Kubo did. Idk if you missed a few episodes/chapters but Toshiro was heavily involved in all major arcs of Bleach. He's Rangiku's captain, Momo's best friend, Isshin's student, Gin's bitter rival, like im not gonna walk u thru the whole story to explain his character but he's involved in important parts of Bleach. You made him sound like some irrelevant side character who nobody cared about lmao

  19. You mean none of it mattered to you. It was still there. Those were important relationships, unless u just didn't care at all for Toshiro's character. If u watched the show or read the manga you should know yourself what he did, he was the main captain who looked over the world of the living. He had more screentime than every captain except Byakuya and maaybe Kenpachi. This is clearly a you problem because you are the only western Bleach fan i've seen who views Toshiro in that light. Im not saying Toshiro is the most important side character to the story and maybe his character arc wasn't that much important to the main conflict, but he definitely was and is more relevant than you give him credit for.

  20. You still haven't told me one thing he actually did to progress the narrative in a meaningful way.

  21. Yeah, this is so weird. Crafting really doesn't take that much time.

  22. I get what he means though. In some games crafting has a learning curve that takes time to learn and at times may require searching for specific items. When you have half an hour or an hour to play every few days, you kind of just want to jump in on the action without having that barrier.

  23. Sure, but it's weird to group all games with a crafting mechanic in the Minecraft/survival game category, when I wouldn't even say half of them are that complicated.

  24. Far right appears to be Black Widow. Big blue/yellow guy looks like Giant-Man/Goliath.

  25. Same. Played through 1-4, Reach and ODST with my best friend. Played 5 alone because it didn't have local co-op and I hated it. Halo is one of those franchises that I don't particularly enjoy, but is crazy fun to just mess around with a friend.

  26. I don't like Halo but I like playing games in local co-op and mess around with my friends. I've never found a game that I haven't enjoyed in local co-op simply because I enjoy my friends' company.

  27. It's heavily implied that the battles you see in LaD aren't what's actually happening, but just a figment of Ichiban's imagination. When he first picks up the bat, he asks Adachi if he saw the opponents transform, and they look at him like he's crazy. Which he probably is lmao.

  28. Forza Horizon 5 runs fantastic on Deck and it has hundreds of iconic cars to race in. Give it a shot, I feel like it'd be right up your alley if you like cars.

  29. To be honest I'd be very down for them taking another established franchise and making a Yakuza-style game out of it, like they did with Fist of the North Star.

  30. Lmao I call bullshit. There's no way 70% of Americans have a negative opinion on Bulgaria when 95% of them don't even know what it is.

  31. I have three little sisters. Two are still teens (I’m 35), and the best way to make them hate something I once enjoyed is to let them know I think it’s really cool.

  32. Well, that makes me feel better. As the older sibling of a little sister, I was definitely in the uncool camp where everything I liked was shit (even if she liked it already) lmao. Didn't feel great at the time but I guess all teenage girls are like this.

  33. Today, most movie franchises end up being conceived either as trilogies or (more rarely) as cinematic universes. Sometimes both (like what Star Wars and Marvel are doing, giving characters trilogies while also expanding the universe around them).

  34. There was very early considerations to have Tobey in the early MCU. There's a deleted scene of Fury, I believe the after credits of Iron Man 1, where he references Spider-man, but it was changed before the movie came out.

  35. Sony letting Marvel write off/kill off Tobey in Endgame alongside RDJ and Chris Evans in Endgame would've been pretty cool. Then have 2019's Spider-Man 6 be about the world coping with Spider-Man's loss and Miles Morales taking up the mantle.

  36. Because the last time Infinity Ward made a game about Ghost it turned out so well.

  37. Exactly! You pay to purchase this additional content that was released, as has been industry norm since DLC was first a thing (and probably for longer if we count expansions and updated re-releases).

  38. Well. In game mode the deck was outputting the max resultuon the TV and dock could handle. With this dock this would be 4k30 on a 4k TV. If you start a game in 720p 60 the deck would sometimes still send 4k30 to the TV and render an upscaled 720p60 image into that. That would result in a 30HZ game and a bad experience. This behavior has been fixed now and you can select the output res to the TV which you could set to 720p now and even this dock would do that with 60HZ just fine.

  39. This isn't true, though. The Deck will always output 720p until you manually change the game's properties through Steam to force 1080p. I've had to do that several times in order to actually display 1080p on my TV, otherwise games are stuck at 720p and you can't even change the settings in-game.

  40. It is, though. The deck RENDERS the game in 720p and then upscales it to the TVs resolution and outputs it in the TVs resolution.

  41. Smart glasses like Google Glass. They were marketed as basically a videogame HUD in real life - like, you could have a minimap GPS in the corner, you could check your texts and phone notifications without looking at your phone, you could even play AR games on them. What's not to like about that?

  42. The Switch took off with Breath of the Wild (and soon after that, other massive exclusives like Odyssey, Mario Kart and eventually Smash), but what really kept it alive and thriving were the indies. They became the blood of the Switch unlike they've ever been on a Nintendo platform. To this day you see people asking about a Switch release when new indies drop on Steam, even if they don't have PS4/Xbox ports announced.

  43. I had thought Pixar was an independent studio back then and was later bought by Disney

  44. Disney still produced, distributed and owned all of their movies between Toy Story and Cars. In fact, in 1999, Pixar and Disney signed an exclusive collaboration contract where Disney would be payrolling (and, of course, owning) their next few movies, including Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo.

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