1. The ones that are directly aligned to Schale at the latest point in the story (so lore-wise would have been recruitable already) are Momiji, Meru, Umika, Ichika, Seia, Reijo, and technically Kisaki as well.

  2. Very nice list. I wonder how much flexibility Nexon has in determining banner order for particular students. Given how popular Kisaki was on reveal, if she (or other popular students) were moved farther back in a release schedule to build anticipation.

  3. Riot needs to come to the table and negotiate with the LCSPA. I get the need for financial stability, but their current actions up to this point aren't the way to do it.

  4. Development shouldn’t be 18% of a teams operating budget for zero revenue. Last time teams made a profit off the nacl was when c9 was selling slots every season.

  5. ROI at NACL does not matter. It's a tier 2 league. Your argument is like saying that the G-League has to be profitable because the NBA doesn't see a ROI.

  6. Teams are reaching out to ex-NACL players, the players WHOSE JOBS THEY CUT, and asking them to scab. They're getting turned down.

  7. What is the lifespan of an lcs pro? Like 3, maybe 4 years. More if they're actually top tier. The industry won't blacklist them, the ownership will love them for saving their asses. Riot will love them for saving their asses. And let's face it. Fans don't give a fuck. If they see some new no name on C9 kicking ass, they're going to love that player. If that player has personality. Boom fan favorite. Teammates will be fine over time if you end up actually being good and winning with them. "sorry, I was just looking after my career and this was the most opportunistic event for me. I'll give it my all let's kick ass and win this championship together". Plus teams and players change all the time. Like I said like every 2 to 4 years is a new surge of players

  8. No name D1 player kicking the ass of his fellow D1s

  9. I mean, if you've seen my HLL calls, that's kind of what I'm all about :v)

  10. Squeaky clean, reminiscent of the LeBron block on Tiago Splitter

  11. No matter how much you want Yukong, only roll if you don't mind resetting your pity by getting Luocha

  12. Trust your luck...odds of getting spooked before soft pity is like 1 in 4

  13. Terrible four stars on silver wolf :((((((((((((((((((((((

  14. Jimmy Butler only took 10 shots. I simply do not understand how that’s possible.

  15. Celtics finally stopped letting him switch onto their weaker defenders for easy points.

  16. Good enough. Kinda annoyed at 6 slots just vanishing into the ether, but what can ya do.

  17. It's for the best, TSM is clearly not interested in NA anymore after the SwordArt signing and the FTX deal blew up on them. Give the opportunity to someone who wants it.

  18. Man people are gonna rag on Grant for this, but what's wrong with a guy being passionate? Shit like this makes players stay boring.

  19. Grant Williams YOU are a Shanghai Shark

  20. Their roster is about to be fire, they'll have access to the best NACL talent there is.

  21. Pretty easy PR layup, even though it was the right thing to do.

  22. I speculate that many jobs that can be done 100% remotely can eventually be replaced by generative AI.

  23. Maybe, but humans will adjust like we always have.

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