1. Ok well thats fair but way to shoot my avenues down.

  2. Thank you for adding your comments and that doesn't make me feel so small. This helps me. I rescheduled and starting over from scratch. I need to be determined and diligent. My exam is now on May 13th. Now, I just need recommendations on a study technique lol

  3. Wow! Thank you for your perspective and insight. This means a lot to me and thank you for giving me the words to be uplifted. All of your comments mean a lot to me because I always feel like I am not good at testing and for for these exams having a hard time picking up the patterns. Thank you so much for these words

  4. I just bought a lapdock for this reason. Trying to replace my laptop with me 23 ultra. I think it can but what do you all think?

  5. Absolutely I am with you. almost 8 years experience in Accounting and Finance with Tax and GAAP background, I don't want to apply to CPA. Just checked CMA and exactly more effective. Now, I am working to CMA exams. Let me know guys if somebody is studying to this exam please.

  6. Let me know because I would like to transition from the CPA. I just don't align with it as I am an idealistic/forward thinker. I need to register and buy materials. What materials did you buy?

  7. Wow 30 enfj with 3 children and a wife. Always, always, always wanted children. It is why the enfj personality thrives, to help people and make the world a better place.

  8. I finally passed FAR in Nov 2021 so about 13 months to pass all four exams. I didn’t give it my total focus when I should have so it could have been shorter.

  9. Wow! Well I am just starting AUD and I am struggling. I tried to give myself the 13 month goal as well but struggling.

  10. AUD, BEC, REG, FAR is the order I would do now

  11. I agree. Studying for AUD now and following this same order.

  12. how are you going back through the notes you’re taking on missed questions?

  13. By re-reading and understanding why I missed it. That is they way I have been using but don't know if that is the most efficient path.

  14. By controlling what you can control. This means by giving your life purpose, applying to jobs, doing your best, and being engaged in this world. If they don't pick you, that doesn't reflect poorly on you because that is out of your control. Amori fati. You being at peace with your application process and skills is enough. Just be confident and personable. Believe when I struggled with this for many years and it took 10 years to overcome. You can do it, control what you can, and give your wonderful life meaning.

  15. I am also dealing with this excluding the minority part. Toxic work place is terrible and just need to have a plan to move one if possible. That is what I am doing. Good luck and know you are better than them in this regard. Hold your values and integrity higher than their gossip.

  16. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. This couldn't have come at a better time. I just recently got depressed that I felt stuck and didn't like working for people even though I like people very much. I am in the finance and accounting sector and prayed to God to give me clarity. I spoke with my brother this morning and developing a plan if I get fired, imposter syndrome, and how to mitigate certain feelings. I was thinking of how being a business owner would be better and I had a scare that my current employment was in jeapordy. This made me re-evaluate what I need to do, what is purposeful to me, and how I can put that into actionable items. I was very depressed the last couple days and believe what you will, I believe this was God answering me.

  17. First, create a new Facebook account. You need to get that because that was your main source of revenue.

  18. This radiates with me and as a financial person, you made a great discovery for yourself and business. You have a lot of reditters on here with great advice 😀. I personally would see what short comings you had on a technical side. For example, collections, costs, markets, etc. I believe you have a great foundation and have a good nugget to scale. It is just maybe doing some technical evaluation for your to scale your business also. You are a great insproation to futute entrepreneurs.

  19. Unfortunately she brought this upon herself. As a person residing im colorado, and knowing rifle, she should have won handily. But she is too bombastic. I love her patriotism why I voted for her last time but she is too volatile and needs to calm down. I voted for her again because we need a red wave but she needs to focus on pushing issues in a more political manner. Not corrupt but political manner, meaning being objective enough to pause your needed policies for the people quietly.

  20. Agreed. We need to move away from all establishment politicians and appoint more people to the seats. Hopefully Lomardo will make changes for Nevada

  21. Masters in finance, accounting, and technology would be good places to start.

  22. Also I am very grounded believe me when you shouldn't. I do have substance. Your questions to the matter are spot on and I have many journals answering those questions and more. Along with the consequences.

  23. Here is where I am confused. You have a JD and PHD (according to your title). Why did you pursue it then?

  24. Are you fucking kidding me. I am the definition of responsible. I am not dropping everything to pursue an pipe dream that doesn't exists. I made my wealth and stability by going back to school and sacrificing my well being for the greater good for my family. I even wrote in the post of my naivety and idealism. Nothing is set in motion, just gathering research. You assumption on my character is unwarranted and down right idiotic.

  25. Lobbying might be the way just don't know how to move towards that direction.

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