Probable Cause Affidavit has been released to the public.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. As for things to do outside campus, well, if you love the outdoors, you’ll be at the right university. You’ve got beaches, lush forests, mountains and rocky coastlines to explore. Downtown is a bus ride away and it’s your typical small city, in a beautiful setting.


  3. Hi there, I can in fact tell you that Irene, the CSC advisor, is very, very real. She is, in fact, a lone operator as an advisor for the all of the CSC students. I can imagine her inbox is very full at this time of the year. All of our academic advisors do their best to triage the many requests and questions that come in.

  4. Why can’t you hire more? She is over-worked and CSC students are under-served.

  5. I would find an Airbnb. For transportation you could try the bus, depending where you are staying, which will help your student get familiar with it. Victoria does not have Uber or Lyft, so you’ll be calling for a cab

  6. I dont think that crossed his mind bc he wasn’t planning on being caught to begin with. He lived there bc that’s the school he chose to go to. The murders were decided after this.

  7. Yes, lol i know, I just meant he most likely chose to live in that vicinity for school without first looking into the state laws for murder. It likely wasn’t a part of his thought process.

  8. Yes it’s common. Canadians aren’t any better. But are American schools worse?

  9. It would depend where. California is much more accepting than southern states for example.

  10. I find it weird to charge your children rent to live in your house. I mean like if you have a rental property and he wants to move there for independence & freedom, then ok pay rent. But to live at home? As a 20 year old? No.

  11. If he’s working full time, yes the parent should absolutely charge reasonable rent.

  12. From my understanding is the alert system is used for natural weather issues that have become dangerous, crimes in an area where weapons are being used, probably foreign invasions or attacks, terrorist activity, and children missing including where they can be in imminent danger. Basically anything with a proven imminent danger to someone or people.

  13. If your first paragraph refers to the Amber Alert system, no, amber alerts are used for child abduction emergencies only.

  14. Go in as undeclared, take the first year physics, math etc., get the minimum grades and apply for next year.

  15. I wish to God I hadn’t read pages 4 and 5. I’m an older dude and I’m sick to my stomach. All I can think of is my teen daughter. I want to go her school and give her a hug and tell her never to live in a house with sliding glass doors. Oh, and get her on the damn gun range and in a self defense course tomorrow.

  16. I have 2 girls, ages 20 and 21, both college students and roommates. They don’t want to know the details and I don’t blame them. Horrifying.

  17. Is choreography even her goal? Not what I’ve read. Great dancer doesn’t always mean great choreographer…

  18. Got it. Thanks!! Also, do a good perc of students enter into top colleges from Livermore HS?

  19. I personally know lhs kids at Berkeley, UCLA and Harvard. Others go to CSUs, other UCs, and there are a decent number at ASU. The opportunity to excel academically is there for those who want it.

  20. UPenn offers a PhD is criminology and is 1 hr away from where he got his Masters, and 1 1/2 hours from his parents. May not be a thing, but I find it interesting he literally moved all the way across the country for a PhD program.

  21. Not school related but, as someone who moved back from NorCal a few years ago, I highly recommend stocking up on Trader Joe’s reusable bags before you move. They’re better than any reusable you’ll get here and relatively cheap. I buy more every chance I get.

  22. Way to make this parent feel more guilty than he/she probably already does. Sometimes you just don’t have the choice. Also, while it’s hard moving during teen years, it’s far from social suicide. Mine did well, as did so many others I know who moved during those years.

  23. Why did the dad fly out and then drive back with him? Seems odd

  24. Apply to both. Go to whichever one gives you the most scholarship money. ( I’m betting it’s UVic)

  25. I heard on News Nation that he was following Kaylee and Maddie on Instagram?

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