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  1. Agreed. And since capitalism is so amazing, they should go out of business or be bought by a company that can run the business better.

  2. Free Market fans call this “Creative Destruction” and it’s supposed to clear the way for better, more efficiently run businesses to take their place. Unless, of course, you’re talking about THEIR business (or their constituent, or their employer, etc.) because THOSE businesses are Job Creators.

  3. Damn. Sometimes it’s just better to just cut your losses. A necklace isn’t worth your life.

  4. That’s what they WANT you to think. Guess he showed them.

  5. He's always yelling at his employees every time I've gone in.

  6. Can confirm. Extremely ugly, rude behavior towards employees right in front of customers. Doesn’t it occur to him how that makes him look?

  7. Best bet is going thru Harris County for Ben Taub or LBJ hospitals. You can apply for a gold card and unless it's changed , it's on a sliding scale pay wise . have clinics all over . If pain gets really bad, go to any ER. They can't turn you away until stabilized .

  8. This. If you are having chest pain, especially on exertion, shortness of breath or any of the other textbook symptoms of heart attack, GO TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM. Those symptoms usually get triaged to the front of the line. They have to take you even if you can’t pay, and they will work o. Getting you a Gold Card that will retroactively cover some of what they did.

  9. Most docs at Memorial Hermann are on autopilot when it comes to ordering tests. If it is some kind of diagnostic radiology, you can almost always get those done OUTSIDE of the Memorial Hermann Hospital system for a lot less. Diagnostic radiology is one of the few areas that has transparent pricing. Find out precisely what your doc wants (best thing is to get the actual CPT code so there is no confusion) and just start calling facilities to see if they do those tests. You may have to wait a day or two for the results to get back to your doctor, but it’s worth the trouble.

  10. And what happens when a cop gets an itchy trigger finger or runs a red light and kills another driver in a mad dash to get to one of these false alarms?

  11. Heard this hoax happened yesterday in other Texas cities too.

  12. I believe Jaguars have ranged as far north as the southern US and most of what we call "black panthers" are either jaguars or leopards, so it's not out of the realm of possibility in Texas.

  13. They don’t even have to be native. There are so many idiots in Texas that have “exotic” wild animals as pets. One guy just outside if Houston had his panther escape a couple years ago. And I’ve lost count of how many tigers have escaped the half-assed confines some local troglodyte is keeping them in cuz he thought it would attract ‘the ladies.’

  14. Yeah, my sister has or had addiction problems. I don't know because I don't speak to her anymore and I don't plan to. She was toxic to essentially all of my relationships. The final straw was when she was supposed to housesit for me but instead went on a bender and caused thousands of dollars in damage to my home and when she fled my home she fled it drunk, with my two nephews in the back of her car, chocolate all over my floor when my dogs are like my babies, and with the door left open.

  15. Pretty venue. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love the guestbook idea. But now that I’m twenty-some odd years into this marriage, I have to wonder if the furniture will make it through the multiple moves, kids, and changes in decor purges you’re likely to see. Love that the piece can be easily be updated though.

  16. I was a senior at La Porte High School. The philosophy teacher stopped everything and turned on the TV. Some kids watched, some played cards. I don't think any of us totally grasped what was happening.

  17. I remember the fear of Houston’s energy infrastructure being a target. There were good reasons to think it might be. It was both a symbolic target and a quick, effective way to cripple our entire economy.

  18. The Medical Center area was still in recovery from TS Alison (June 2001).

  19. Aw. That man is afraid of that wolf spider and he meticulously untangles him anyway. Good dude.

  20. The righteous confidence in his own ignorance increases the punchability of his face by a factor of one million.

  21. It starts before he even opens his mouth with that ridiculous fucking jacket.

  22. Oh I've made friends with people who I thought were really good people, but it would end up that they're just being friendly because they had other intentions. So when they'd eventually shoot their shot and I'd tell them no, they'd lose it, attack me with things like "why have I wasted my time being friends with you" and give me the excuse of "you lead me on" and try to guilt me into it.

  23. “Golly. I didn’t realize you’d put all that effort into being friends with me. I obviously owe you an apology and a blow job.”

  24. This is what my primary care doc put me on for hot flashes. I didn’t think it was working — until I stopped taking it. And here I thought spontaneous combustion was a myth.

  25. Yeah but in the 90's we had so few homeless that we knew their names or gave them nicknames. We interacted with them. It is much different now. No way to help them all.

  26. I don’t remember there being SO many “tent cities” in the 90’s. Yes it was a problem that had been identified and discussed at the time, but it just didn’t seem as ubiquitously visible as it is now.

  27. You should know that Pastor is among the top 10 lowest paid professional jobs. Don’t let the televangelists and mega church pastors fool you. An overwhelming majority of pastors live near or at poverty.

  28. I’m not the biggest fan of both this and the license plate reader, though most of the crime I’ve experienced over the past 20 years has been package thieves and people masquerading as Centerpojnt people to get into your backyard.

  29. In theory, the license plate readers may prevent the package and fake utility thieves from making their way to your house in the first place.

  30. Did 5 min of searching I am surprised at the protections they have to be honest.

  31. I suppose we should just be grateful that the drones aren’t armed. Yet.

  32. Hoping this gets answered because we are probably going to frequently see this situation, both in hot weather conditions and freezing. It would be good to know what the range of temp tolerances are for specific breeds, if that info exists. Hope the entrepreneurial types are working on this.

  33. Yeah in my case they blacklisted me because I have a cat who is de fingered on all fours. My entire history was several cats, all rescues, over the course of 23years. The cat in question we had adopted from a shelter as an adult. The previous owners declawed him completely, got pissed because he started biting instead, and then abandoned him at humane society after saying he was too aggressive. We knew he was going to be put down but he seemed so sweet so we took him home with us. That was about 16 years ago and we suspect he is 20 now and still being a sweet, cuddly baby. We do not condone declaring in any way, but he was a rescue. The woman was just so disgusted by the fact he was declawed on all fours that she couldn't really get over that, despite us having several other cats who had never been declawed and us not de clawing him.

  34. That’s ridiculous. I’d avoid them. It honestly sounds to me like they weren’t listening to you at ALL, which is a half-ass way to do things.

  35. lol - “This item cannot be shipped to your delivery location.”

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