1. It's a meme stock, plain and simple. Revenue growth isn't even that great. But it's become the hot stock that everyone is talking about, which feeds FOMO and fuels demand. Everyone wants to get on board.

  2. Tesla is a unique company and lots of people have bought into a vision beyond cars. PLTR is a data analytics company. Which makes a good chunk of its revenue from helping governments and law enforcement spy on citizens.

  3. I have seen a lot of kids born with serious mental issues. From baby age. Nothing to do with society but it's easy to blame the "system".

  4. OP might be getting more at, for example, mental illness in the young homeless population. was it the individuals fault? or did society allowing them to be homeless act as the more significant driver.just my thoughts

  5. it’s crazy how obvious it is that iran has no interest in nuclear weapons.

  6. Thanksgiving with ANYONE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME is worthy of it. That’s how it spreads.

  7. No it’s not. As a nurse, I’m getting sick and tired of having this talk with people over and over.

  8. i don’t mean to be mean, but nursing and the dynamics of viral spread are two different skill sets.

  9. Def going to run for 2024. He had to jump from the speeding shit dumpster early, to give himself a chance.

  10. Nikki Hailey and Jeb! are definitely gonna crawl out of their caves to join the party. Scumbags.

  11. Recession, pandemic, unemployment, businesses closed => stock market at all the time high.

  12. it really clarifies the economic value of the average american doesn’t it...

  13. sure, just realize you are getting in bed with the people that say “China Virus”

  14. an engineer that doesn’t understand second and third order effects of their actions...

  15. I would definitely trust our FBI with a judge issued warrant moreso than a senator....mostly due to how a judge, while still possibly flawed, is not driven by winning constituents all the time...and actually puts their career on the line. Plus this is a criminal justice issue, not a political issue.

  16. funny enough, it seems Us law enforcement regularly kill if they feel any sort of physical threat. so in practice, the law already allows for assasinations in US soil

  17. for internal combustion engines, are there any analogous companies to Exro?

  18. Sure. Nobody knows about the grid requirements if more people have EV's.

  19. one major driver - it’s far easier to transport electrity than to build the infrastructure to move crude and refined oil products.

  20. Agreed it’s insane how much they keep running. Overvalued doesn’t even begin to explain why they’re risky at this point. Seems to be a lot of FOMO and late entires pushing them up. But if/when the sells come it can be rough.

  21. i was skeptical about Tesla, but now i think about Telsa as mach 1. They proved the market is viable. Just like Altavista proved the search market was viable. Then Google showed up. I think the world is looking for the next generation of Telsa.

  22. The “defund the police” and “lockdown” rhetoric really got to some people. All the anti-police and dismissing rioting is what made me second guess not voting for Trump. Without public safety and orderly streets we have no freedom.

  23. so this argument really bothers me because most Trumpers were clearly trying to find a palatable reason to vote for him.

  24. the country was also designed for slave ownership and the persecution of homosexuals.

  25. so is your point to do nothing about the fundamental problems of the governing system?

  26. It’s Reddit. We can all read, or else we’d be on Instagram. People just wanted to confirm that your “strategy” is as deeply stupid as it initially seemed to be.

  27. is this because you are trying to be “color blind”? or magically you’re trying to say the GOP aren’t using racist bullhorns?

  28. Of course the GOP is racist. I’m saying your plan to drag the Dems down to that level and court the crazies is shortsighted and unfathomably dumb.

  29. Tired of seeing all these "Nancy Pelosi SLAMS Trump" type headlines. How about actually doing something? Opening investigations? Impeachment?

  30. I feel like Dem leadership is somehow still too cautious to go scorched-earth. They believe that if they just play it safe, this GOP threat will go away forever on its own.

  31. its probably because of the low information voters that will be easily propagandized by the GOP.

  32. What kind of sick person dreams about killing elephants?

  33. it would be legitimate if you single handedly tracked and killed an elephant with a spear... funny i never see them try this...

  34. I work for local NY Govt....most upstate Dems like his corona virus handling however....he has some major shortfalls.

  35. Why would you wager that? Are they a group of people known for not voting?

  36. its a trend amongst the people dems try to organize. many of them don’t vote. happens with middle and working class folks of all stripes

  37. her legacy is toast. she stood by while hundreds of thousands died

  38. The Man From Earth. It's a bunch of people talking in a room, still one of the best movies I've ever seen.

  39. Morgan freeman voice - They won’t.

  40. Or maybe they know last time a Democrat was in office they got bailed out while 5 million people lost their homes, and were even allowed to give themselves bonuses with taxpayer money.

  41. you must have forgotten that Bush gave a no strings attached bailout before Obama took over

  42. I certainly haven't forgotten the Obama administration refused to prosecute a single person and did absolutely nothing to prevent people losing their homes to banks.

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