1. Here's another nice profile on Vicki Guerrero from El Paso:

  2. Kato, aka Paul Diamond, usually tagged with Pat Tanaka as Badd Company in the CWA and then in the AWA with Diamond Dallas Page as their manager before going to the WWF as the Orient Express. I used to think it was funny that he masked up to hide that he wasn't Asian.

  3. Around 2017 or maybe earlier, I stayed at the Crowne Plaza by the old IND airport entrance near I-465/Sam Jones as a guest for a wedding. It had a small game area with Galaga and Ms. Pac Man by the pool that was in the middle of the hotel.

  4. TIL Katelyn Borden, who heads AEW's social media department and is heading up this project, is Sting's daughter-in-law and married to his oldest son Garrett. She is also a Dustin Rhodes trainee, wrestling as Jael, and is the current Rhodes Wrestling Academy women's champion.

  5. This is kind of tangential to your post, but TIL that the Minneapolis–Saint Paul Pioneer Press sponsors an annual local treasure hunt that is in its 71'st year, with clues posted daily in the newspaper. It would be neat to have something like that here.

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