1. I've been thinking this for the last month, I like to have a team of Spidertrons follow me everywhere, but they really get in the way when I'm building, standing right on top of me, it's also hard to select individual spidertrons even if they're coloured differently because they stand inside each other when there's 10+. I propose both a player boundary (int) and spidertron boundry which can be set on a per spidertron basis, this number is copied and pasted when copying spidertron loadouts.

  2. My three step guide to effective use of your hotbar.

  3. True pros also increase the bar size to 4 then follow steps 1-3 for the rest of the game.

  4. Go look up a video by Yama Kara for train signals. It’s about 11 minutes long. Should answer all your singalong problems.

  5. Agree on the vid but would also suggest completely avoiding bi-directional tracks in the beginning. Signalling them is rather confusing and you're much more likely to get deadlocks/crashes.

  6. I have pollution enabled on the map from the start of the game, whenever I get attacked I'll kill all nests in my current pollution then a few more just outside of it.

  7. Just when you think you have enough iron, you dont have nearly enough

  8. I always have enough iron, copper always seems to be my problem.

  9. Tip from me, dont Look up blueprints it's a drug once you use them you can't stop copy them from internet

  10. I can't stand the thought of doing this, I just try and memorize an efficient design (mainly for module placement etc). Often I'll look up a Nilaus video, decide if I like the design or not then make my own blueprint from memory. Some of the belt input/output techniques I would never have thought of and I'm glad I can incorporate those into my new designs, I'd often just weave red/blue belts together in one lane and it would be an unsymetrical mess with bad throughput.

  11. Either modded or editor. Game never send purely behemoth biters.

  12. Yes, check wiki, even at 100% evolution behemoth biter percentage never reach full behemoth. In my current base I've destroyed 1000s of nests making a track to reach 100m+ ore deposits and I'm only at 98% evolution, around 30% are behemoths.

  13. Need More Proccesing Units Not Hours

  14. The hell? When that bell rings and it's home time you should be free to do what you like.

  15. That's where I am right now, I go to sleep and I see a lot of things to do or improve. Good night of sleep

  16. I once woke up at 3am after dreaming about a potential solution to a problem I was having, booted my PC, played for 30 mins or so to fix the problem then went back to bed hahaha.

  17. A lot of people are bisexual and/or find homosexuality a fascinating taboo subject which is a massively embarrassing turn on for them. Most of these guys have been watching porn for decades and are looking for something different that can offer some excitement.

  18. It dries very quickly, I usually hot plate it and it's completely dry in 10 mins.

  19. Yes! I think the bartender at crater (voice of mama Murphy) sells the plan. You might need rep with them for that.

  20. You do, only the 1st level, otherwise she just makes a snarky comment.

  21. If you really want to give a present: Honeycomb, I just can't get enough of that honeycomb...

  22. You kinda start to love burn in your nose... until u see blood when blowing your nose, then u seek another ROA and find bombing so your nose can chill a bit and fix himself.

  23. Be careful, I have a huge hole in one of my nostrils now, can't snort with it coz it just goes straight down my throat. This is after 2 years of use (once every few weeks, when I say once I mean like 28g over a few days/a week).

  24. I've left stuff on the top of a kitchen cupboard chopped up on a DVD case and forgot about it for weeks, just as potent as the day I got it.

  25. Guess Pyrex isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

  26. For those who use C, are all the temperatures you bake stuff at not even? Like usually 350, 400, 450 for F, but do you guys bake at like 200C, 150C, etc?

  27. No, the only reason this number is uneven is because it's directly converted from F.

  28. The funniest thing to me is that whenever this opinion pops up, they always have to say something about the tight clothing. What is it that's REALLY on your mind, OP?

  29. OP's is annoyed by his latent homosexial desires being triggered randomly by sexy lycra clad cyclists while commuting to work?

  30. I use the exact one in the photo, bought 1L from ebay a while ago. Never had any problems and seems to work fine.

  31. Maybe if they actually sold a decent variety of items I might actually bother to load the shop up.

  32. Partially correct, it's usually 20% 1:1 racemic amphetamine with 80% caffeine or if you're lucky an inactive cut.

  33. Win win, since 60% of them are usually shitty Citrus flavours.

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