1. Idk if this will help… I have a 2015 SLT w/ puddle lights and there’s a option in “vehicle settings” for “lock, unlock, (something else)” and in there I can change how long the lights stay on (including puddle) when I unlock the truck

  2. Dude I think Dior Homme Sport 2021 might be a good option. People hate on it but I love the stuff

  3. Dior Homme Sport, you’ll be the classiest smelling dude there. If it’s like cold cold then I’d go Spicebomb, but if the weather is nice I think the Dior is your best bet.

  4. So I'm guessing you're spraying from the atomizers to fill up the bottles, right? That completely ruins the top notes of the fragrances, you know?

  5. You’re absolutely hilarious. Want me to send you pictures of all the syringes I’m using? Go run your mouth somewhere else buddy. 🤡

  6. You ain't gotta lie to kick it shit-bird. Nobody wants to help you fund your fragrance addiction.

  7. Oops I think I hit a nerve😂 it’s fucking cologne bro it’s not that serious. Like I said earlier, relax and go on your way. Lol

  8. Holy shit man… I’ve got a 2014 Sierra 4x4 Crew w/ 5.3 and 6 speed. I’m at 144k and have had no problems with mine. Yours is an 8 speed though right?

  9. YES. I love the bullshit videos about telling people to sample first, save some money, “no one needs all of this”…. And then he just pumps those affiliate links out like no other, always creating that false hype.👍🏼 Ngl he did have me for a second there, I was watching those links. Lol

  10. Lol I love this, I’ve got a similar dilemma but for me it’s Tom Ford and Guerlain. Not too crazy but I’m at 6 bottles of Tom Ford and 15 bottles of Guerlain (includes a couple backups). I’ve actually slowed down on Tom Ford lately… I somewhat satisfied the itch for the time being I guess lol.

  11. If you ask me this is 100% authentic, the box and bottle look good. Looks like the chain on the front broke but that’s it.

  12. The Exceptional because you are exceptional fragrance they kept sending me as free samples whenever I would order from fragrancenet honestly smells amazing to me. It smells like a luxurious spa.

  13. I ended up with so many of those lol, I put them all in a decant bottle and don’t think I’ve sprayed it once since:/ I need to go give it another shot.

  14. Underrated response. Lalique is one of my favorite houses

  15. Hey man I messaged a list of what I have. I also recently posted.

  16. I think you gotta have prices for all sizes offered.

  17. Thank you. I changed this listing to just 3mL for now.

  18. As the title says sadly, it’s time for me to sell my PRX. I’ve had this watch for less than a year and haven’t worn it all that much, it does have small normal wear type scratches on the bracelet but overall the watch is in great condition and is running very accurately. The warranty is still valid and the watch will ship with everything pictured. Feel free to message me with any questions and thank you for checking it out!

  19. Thank you, I thought so too. Sadly I’ve sold this one and don’t have it in my collection anymore. :(

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