1. I mean technically the white player has an, albeit small, advantage over playing black. Even in a series, one person will always get white one more time than the opponent unless you played an even series (which can result in a series draw). Even though its small, it does make a difference at high levels of play and most GMs struggle to win with black against equal competition and are often looking to draw their games as black and win their games as white. You can definitely win with black but its definitely harder with most chess engines considering you -0.5 before the game even begins.

  2. Teardrop already has an animation though. Also Fireburst getting an animation instead of Doombroker is the most Konami thing I've seen and I'm not even surprised.

  3. Just start at the beginning & go to the end...I've seen up to Vrains & they're all pretty good

  4. Arrival has an animation, it just takes a while for it to pop up. Usually you’ll see it on your opponents turn, Konami needs to fix the lag tbh

  5. Amazing that Kashtira is even being played pure in the OCG at this point, let alone being the fifth most represented deck.

  6. With flavor text along the lines of "The waking of this beast heralds the start of end times. Death and decay ride on the wings of this harbinger of ragnarok" and then ends up being a 6 star vanilla with 1550 Atk or something.

  7. Rekindling. It's just soul charge for fire mons with 200 defense. Right now, there's not many decks that can abuse it. With Duelists of Explosion, the name hints to some Pyro support (which hasn't been given in years.) So Rekindling could become a very broken card soon.

  8. MBT did acknowledge problems yugioh has and tried to give an alternative solution to yugi boomers that is playing alternative formats, not a perfect answer to the problems of yugioh but good enough for boomers to have fun with the game

  9. That wasn't what I was referring to, did you watch the full video to the end?

  10. I mean, tbf, they're half right. Outside of the very top few, TCG players don't know how to alternate their combo lines after something like that resolves.

  11. I feel like everyone who's been playing MD for any amount of time & actually know how to play, know how to play around MxC...

  12. Someone explain to me how ppl constantly complained about Halq, who was a cheat code to make a board...but are perfectly fine with Accesscode who's just a cheat code to end the game

  13. did you know you can use your effect on Accesscode on resolution? Yeah use lost wind on him once.

  14. Everyone complaining about runick is complaining about floodgates

  15. Thing is y'all find winning fun, not playing competitive or certain decks in high level, just win.

  16. If the deck is not currently getting to the top spots at Premier Events, I would call it "casual". All of the decks you listed there would be "casual".

  17. This is definitely from a competitive/meta perspective...most ppl dont like playing against those in casual

  18. Only TCG players cry about Maxx C.

  19. As i usually do, but it's self evident that my paleo frog deck (rip) is useless in ranked. Instead i can play it in casual, D1, solo mode ecc. So why shouldnt play a deck like, for example, mathmech in ranked? I find fun in playing some meta decks (i really enjoy Math and Branded end boards) as i hate some other (for example, i find Runick and Adamanticipator very boring) but i wouldnt play it in casual or solo mode, cause i wouldnt be funny at all. The point Is: there are a lot of different contexts in game in which u can play different decks with different power level, so i really don't get all the complains around meta deck. At best, it would make sense complain about pairing system in ranked but still, you can play rough decks in other "formats" in game

  20. And? I get ti D1 with my T1 deck and then play whatever i want, can't i?

  21. Kash is the Best desing of all, they have a BIG weakness, no negations. They are like Ojalá + Héroes.

  22. Yea.. because banishing your cards face down just for existing is such good design

  23. In terms of mechanics, yes, they are the most broken deck of the 3 by far, removing face down is much better than using ranges/index 2 or sending to the graveyard. Now, here's the point, they are well designed because just as they gave them the best mechanics, they gave them the biggest weakness and that is their very difficult access to deniers. The other two decks have access to fields with multiple interrupts and constant denials that make them almost impossible to break, Kash can't do that, anything it destroys (especially massively) is going to be super effective, and there's no precisely few cards of that style. For this reason, again, I say that they are the best designed deck of the 3 because it has the best offense, at the cost of having the greatest possible weakness of the trio.

  24. True that. The sweetest and most exhilarating moments I have in MD were managing to defeat meta decks and reaching diamond, twice each, with HERO and Starry Knight. I also managed to get to diamond with other non meta decks like Exosister for example, but only HERO and Starry Knight that have me going "I'm gonna prove to everyone that these decks can indeed reach diamond".

  25. "This goes right to the heart of the matter: why can the scrub not defeat something so obvious and telegraphed as a single move done over and over? Are they such a poor player that they can't counter that move? And if the move is, for whatever reason, extremely difficult to counter, then wouldn't you be a fool for not using that move?"

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