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  1. I don’t think Ben being gone has anything to do with it. This podcast, like all podcasts that go on for years, just run out of steam. They all turn to shit. Just like Cumtown

  2. Lmao still desperately clinging to the illusion that these injections are safe or effective.

  3. He’s not a fucking child lmao. He can leave whenever he wants but his mommy is meeting his needs and he doesn’t have to work so he just stays at home and plays video games

  4. We can’t take any chances, we need to forcefully exterminate every conservative’s pet. Anyone who doesn’t trust The Science, anyone who doesn’t obey the government, anyone that spreads dangerous conspiracy theories like “the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection” or “natural immunity is a real thing” should have their beloved animals removed and euthanized.

  5. If they can't understand the Science, they're not capable of taking care of animals anyway.

  6. I bet they haven’t even gotten their pets vaccinated against Covid. Bastards make me sick

  7. I’m not normally one to complain about free stuff (if it’s free, it’s for me), but this is less than worthless. I would say I could use it to snort my coke, but I can’t even afford coke lmao.

  8. Quit wasting your time with coke. Crystal meth is a lot cheaper, lasts much longer, and makes sex incredible. Plus you can do hot rails.

  9. We must fight the infidels who haven’t accepted Pfizer into their lives

  10. It’s hard to see someone like him with a perfect body and not get discouraged. How can I compete with that?

  11. It’s pretty ironic that climate change has now taken our beloved meteorologist

  12. “I would rather die than admit I was completely wrong about every aspect of Covid and the sketchy injections I blindly took multiple times.”

  13. “Dangerous new Covid variant that doesn’t show up on tests and causes no symptoms. Lock the country down!”

  14. Tony should hang this photo in his office alongside all the other pictures of himself

  15. I want my baby to have all their Covid boosters IMMEDIATELY after exiting my wife, before she even holds the baby I want it to have AT LEAST four bandaids on its little arms and also the tiny little mask I bought on Etsy. We are a PROUD Science trusting family and we care about protecting YOU. Slava Ukraine!

  16. Millions? Try billions. Don’t forget about all those gays he saved during the AIDS epidemic

  17. Came here to say this. Lord pFauci saved all of humanity. And every life form on earth. MBUH 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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