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  1. In fairness, to have seen the true personification of the Internal Revenue Service rendered as an image would have driven you mad.

  2. Funny enough as a shocking swerve on it's own. Even if better if you think of it a continuation from this post:

  3. Poked around a bit and I think I found it here:

  4. So I see just one thing that doesn't really add up to me with that. A location in the resonance realms called the factory from p125 of kill code seems to imply that sprites are made by sprites. Basically it's a giant factory where sprites assemble other sprites which doesn't help with your conception of them being made by technomancers and thus influenced by them.

  5. Well, like I said, I'm at a loss in regards to the Resonance Realms. I haven't had much chance to make use of them as a player, and as a GM none of my players have been interested in playing Technomancers, so I haven't had to think of them much. I tend to view them, and their resemblance to the Astral as a mistake, a byproduct of trying to repackage every magical rule to apply to the Matrix so it can be resold to us. I'm not the biggest fan.

  6. I really like your explanation. What's your take on what the Resonance is?

  7. Resonance as the Technomancers ability to manipulate the Matrix and computer systems? It is the techno's brain's ability to consciously and subconsciously process and manipulate code and programs as though they had a sophisticated "do anything" hacking system in their brain. Though used more instinctively through visualization rather than through high level understanding of those systems as a Decker does with the programs they write.

  8. I like Dathomirians, and I like Mandolorians, and all the jerks that serve them:

  9. I don't collect them either. The more realistic faces sets off the Uncanny Valley uneasiness in me, but I wouldn't say they're bad figures. "Different strokes" I suppose. Glad they're there for those who want them.

  10. It's a phrase. It originally applied to Sci-Fi (I think it was specifically about novels, some author said it in an interview) but it expanded. It means that, in any genre or category, most of everything won't be good enough.

  11. It's known as Sturgeon's Law (or Sturgeon's Revelation if you're being fancy).

  12. I put mine in backwards accidentally and can’t get it out now, I hope someone can help us.

  13. I realize this is very late, and you've probably resolved this by now, but just in case anyone else stumbles onto this thread when googling "Disney Darksaber battery pack stuck" like I did: I was able to pull the battery pack out by partially unscrewing the two screws along the side, then looping a thin, but strong, length of wire around both. I twisted both ends around each other until the loop was nice and tight and then was able to just yank the thing out.

  14. Wait how did you get it out? I'm having trouble following what you did

  15. All right. Assuming yours was stuck the same way mine was, you should be able to see three screws on the bottom of the battery pack.

  16. Understandable. Just try not to be too hard on your dog. They don't know this is not the way.

  17. And while he squeezes through that you can build the next area.

  18. What is the point of swapping out figures? Wouldn't you end up paying the same price either way?

  19. The trick, at least as far I can see with Black Series figures, is to buy cheap discounted figures from the clearance bins then use those to replace the figures you actually wanted and return them to the store. So you buy a $25 figure, take them home, get them out of the box, put a figure you picked up for $5 in the box, and return it for a refund. That way you pretty much only spent $5 for the figure you wanted.

  20. Honestly, I hate this little factoid so much, I fudge it and claim that, removing external causes of death, an orc or troll will live maybe a shade less than a human, but in the region of 75 years. The perception of them having a shorter lifespan is caused by their ungodly death rate due to poverty and gang violence, compounded by them reaching maturity quicker.

  21. This. And I take it a slight step further and just say that all metatypes mature at a similar rate, but at adulthood Ork and Troll aging speeds up, while Elves and dwarves slow waaay down.

  22. Interesting. If I may ask your advice, and sorry in advance for being long winded, could I get your thoughts on this format I'd been using my Tom Clancy Video Games Lorebook? I'd been lurking on the NAI channel on the AIM server in the days of Sigurd, when Zaltys suggested "Dossier" style Lorebook entries to another user who wasn't confident in writing them out in prose, and I felt the style looked very efficient and was somewhat fitting for what I was trying to do. So I adapted the example he gave and came up with the following:

  23. Hey, if you're still getting bad results, I would suggest you following:

  24. Thanks for responding. I'll try a mix of yours and PyreLP's suggestions and see how they work for me after implementing them into my existing Lorebook entries (it's... it's a lot...), and see if it motivates me to keep going with it. Either way this will be very helpful for other Lorebooks going forward. I appreciate it.

  25. Huh... Wanted to suggest an Anooba (if it works for Embo, then it can work for you) but can't find any official stats anywhere. Still, if you find something who's stats you like but don't like the looks of, could be an option for reskinning.

  26. He's clearly talking about the Conan RPG.

  27. Recently deleted a bunch I had no desire to continue, but still, technically, have 39 stories. But really, it's more like 33, since I use six of those "stories" as setting lorebooks, so that when I want to make a story in that setting I can just duplicate that story and start writing without having to import the Lorebook file.

  28. Do we count the ones that devolved into debauchery?

  29. Keep up with him on the Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

  30. Jango in his mind thinking about why Hasbro has not made a male Kryze Mandalorian figure so he’ll begrudgingly have to do as a stand-in for now

  31. Yeah. I'd be down for generic Nite Owl, or 6inch generic Death Watch, figures. The Mandalorian Loyalist works, but he's getting pricey.

  32. Indeed, glad we’re getting a Death Watch Mando figure based off the Mandalorian. I didn’t manage to get the Loyalist as it was an exclusive

  33. Looking at that article, there's nothing besides the name that suggests the weapon is actually made of Beskar. It's name could simply be derived from a similar root word, like how "Sanguine" loosely describes something as happy or positive in a bad situation, while "Sanguinary" means bloodthirsty.

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