1. Because sometimes I don't want to play PvE and it should be equally viable to finish a quest in any of the available modes.

  2. But shouldn’t a cipher for an exotic be harder to get? I mean it is and exotic after all

  3. Yeah but it shouldn't be giga easy in one mode and struggle bus in a other.

  4. Well it’s easy sure but it takes longer than if you were to win all your games. I just recently had to do this challenge and played for 8 hours before I realized I could just do a Vanguard in like 5 minutes a bunch of times

  5. Unfortunately trinity ghoul isn’t part of the monument of lost light. Your only chance is either a world drop or from Xur.

  6. Well I knew that but my friend says he bought it using a Cipher from the Monument so I’m wondering if Xur’s engram inventory changes or if my friend is tripping balls

  7. They may be referring to how you can use a cipher to get a extra exotic from Xür.

  8. So he’s tripping balls then because he swears on his momma it was from the Monument. That’s a shame because I really liked his momma

  9. Nostalgic lol that was the hardest even for night mare lol to have only 3 cards at the starting stage for act 3 is hell

  10. Best way to get a similar experience is: run only copper cards, and then buy only cards you find in the level for the power building feel

  11. The reviews really freak me out, none of them are negative and that’s really suspicious to me. There’s also not very many options for games for me to even play, only like five games I could play for me to get points so the benefits aren’t even that crazy. The reviews all seem kinda fake though and everyone who talks about jt even in some comments under this are overwhelmingly positive too. It seems really suspicious.

  12. I personally would say play Mirage after getting a feel for the movement and weapons. The reason is because you’ll learn to aim and move and rotate ridiculously good because you’re playing a character with fairly useless (in most situations) abilities. Once you’re good with Mirage you can main anyone you want because you’re used to not using abilities anyways which means you can get even better with them.

  13. The CAR is gay because it’s so easy to kill from any range

  14. Yup! Sometimes I also lightly massage the bag to get a feel for the texture of the product.

  15. It’s the hard work and dedication of your trash generation. You know how when you’re at work and don’t give AF… well the rest of your generation is just like you and this clown happens to work on the skittles line. It’s called karma

  16. Bro was so embarrassed by his goofy ass comment he deleted it so we couldn’t see who he was lmao. Idk why he had to go nuclear about it

  17. Can we talk about pouring out you food into you duvet and why don’t you have a cover?

  18. Idk why there’s no cover, we just got an AirBnB I think but the Duvet is washed minimum twice a day because my girlfriends mom is a clean freak lol

  19. What’s your problem bro? Part of being a tourist is learning about the differences in culture, am I not allowed to be surprised? Also if you read the comments here, every SINGLE person agrees that sour skittles were wayyy better with the powder

  20. Well this took a turn, I’m kinda astonished this wasn’t the first piece of information given

  21. Remember back when the game was super cool and they did a bunch of stuff for new Legends 🥹 Like when Crypto was in that room in KC and the twitter was hacked by Crypto and Forge was murdered by Revenant, changing the hero we were getting for the season

  22. The hero reveals will be never that cool again simply because at the time of Crypto teasers there were just Wattson and Octane as new legends, so one more was a huge deal. By today, there have been 13 reveals, so any one more new legend just can't be that big unless it's BT or something.

  23. That’s totally true but they also don’t try nearly as hard anymore. I used to love when video games had real world reveals or Easter eggs to find. Or even when they put so much effort into their trailers you’d think that it had to be something huge. I grew up on Halo so of course I’m talking about the Halo 3 trailers. There was Believe, then the live action one where the marines fought the brutes, and many more I’m sure you guys can remember.

  24. Wait, it's SC? I've been misreading his name this entire time?

  25. I disagree. It's spelled Pheonix, just like sheo, peotry, and caneo

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