1. You're much nicer than I am. I wouldn't be taking a picture.

  2. My solution is, you've only had a "few" sleepovers. You're not in a serious relationship. You're not living together. Sleep in your own bed.

  3. Well technically the sub is for tent campers and hikers/backpackers. Most of us don't tow anything.

  4. I don't understand the title of this post compared to the pictures. I don't see any broken back window and what does it have to do with any coffee.

  5. Canadian, so I feel qualified. The back window being broken caused ice to form on the inside of the front window. On the other part, I assume they had previously used the heat coming off a hot cup of coffee to melt this spot, as it is an awkward angle to scrape.

  6. Well, that makes more sense than anything I suppose.

  7. Except no one has any idea what the F you're trying to convey.

  8. Generally need a deep cycle marine battery. 2 is better.

  9. Sorry, I meant like a battery station(?) to plug into directly.

  10. Something that pulls that much power and for that length of time is going to need something rather large. A jackery is a good bet but they're expensive and I don't know that they have solar charging capability. Think they need shore power charging.

  11. Bread mold is no big deal. It won't make you ill no matter how unsightly it is. It doesn't affect any other bread it's not touching anyway, so the bread you ate was also perfectly fine.

  12. Is the picture on the left supposed to be an age progression? It says he was 31 and that man looks like a 51 year old methamphetamine user.

  13. Most group sites are only going to have outdoor grill type locations/ramadas. You're not going to find anything with indoor kitchen facilities unless you book at a youth camp/church camp etc.

  14. You probably could have just..... used their bags. I mean, I don't know 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. 100% don't understand having public urinals on the street. Don't be a Neanderthal and piss on the sidewalk either. Go to the bathroom before you leave your location, and I'm sure you can hold it until your next location.

  16. I think OP's issue is that... they know they are not their date's first thought, and if they are, it's a bit much if they've only met in person once for 90 minutes (which they shared further up.)

  17. Well I was one of the very first commenters on the post. There wasn't any other context other than "I don't like people to text me in the morning"

  18. I like that saying "hi, thinking of you" is aggressively clingy now, lol. I think the problem is the weight OTHER people put on morning texts. It's just a nice time of day to text before everyone goes to work and the day goes to hell. I don't send them myself because I tend to focus on sleeping in, ha, but when I get them I think it's cute and harmless. The only time it's clingy is if they get pissy if I don't reply fast enough or whatever.

  19. Pretty sure everyone told you a month ago that you should move on from this.

  20. OP is homeless and her husband no longer wants to be. This is not a "my husband doesn't have the same hobby as me" post.

  21. All her posts have been about how her house sunk (why didn't she have insurance on her boat?) and trying to post go fund me all over the place and they keep getting removed. Her husband obviously isn't a camper. She isn't even a camper, she's just homeless. He doesn't want to live in a tent 🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. Are you talking about a wood stove for heating? Or a gas or fuel based stove for cooking. They are absolutely not designed for inside use. Read your warning labels. If you're talking about a wood stove, you should make that clearer in your post.

  23. Renetto is pretty awesome. They hold 450lbs I think. Great warranty. Giant cup holders. Built in canopy.

  24. Interesting, I've also been randomly finding dimes since a close friend passed in July. Often enough that ive noticed the occurrence and thought "is there something to this?" Glad I'm not the only one.

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