1. We can’t assume that having that property makes it accurate to the speed of light because the other properties aren’t accurate, so we would be cherry picking what is and isn’t allowed just to fit the narrative that these lasers are that fast. Meaning that you can’t assume there that fast because of refraction, you have to actually prove it.

  2. Not cherry picking though. It's just that the properties aren't related. The power is clearly proven to not be related to the speed as Hagakure refracts it.

  3. It is cherry picking though. You’re assuming that the refraction being related to the speed is scientifically accurate even though the other properties of the laser are not. If you’re going to say the refraction and speed are related for the lasers despite the other inaccuracies, you have to prove it, not just assume.

  4. You've basically called out the main flaw in MHA. It's trying to go the route or Naruto and redeem every villian (something that wasn't even good in Naruto to be honest).

  5. Jinbe struggled with Who's Who who's a Tobiroppo. The Tobiroppo are weaker than the Calamities.

  6. If you take Sensui being planetary/continental at face value than they stop at him. But from feats they blitz and take down at least up to Raizen possessed Yusuke. Toguro's best feat is destroying a relatively large portion of the Dark Tournament Arena, but its nothing compared to Deku and Shigaraki. Hiei has his Darkness Flame Dragon but Shigaraki can regen and has heat resistance. Elder Toguro just turns into weapons and possesses people. He dies.

  7. Easily every round. He's gotten off people for worse and Jolyne's crime isn't even particularly hard or complicated to get her off for. Giving him a stand that can manipulate details makes it even easier.

  8. Yeah you and i disagree a lot but at least none of us have ever gone down this route.

  9. You don't know that. I could be under your bed right now watching you type that sentence out

  10. Deku should be have gone the Batman route or at least be Captain America tier and not Superman tier. Like maybe All Might gives him his powers but it's not to the same level because he is quirkless and there is some tension there. All Might feels like it's the right decision because of Deku's personality but he also recognizes the need for All Might to be overwhelming force for good. The story would be more about Deku proving to All Might and everyone else that he can carry the torch.

  11. If he was a Batman styled character, it probably would have helped tone down the insane power creep of the main villain.

  12. But he'd be dead long before then. Muscular, Todororoki (not actually dead but you get it), Bakugo's second rematch, against that fodder ocean villain, etc. Even before the power creep happened we had people capable of doing things that a normal person couldn't.

  13. They get obliterated. Illumi and Kalluto can't even pierce Omni-Man's skin. Zeno and Silva get bludgeoned with superior power. The only feasible way for them to win is if Killua shocks Omni-Man to death. Since I don't think Omni-Man has any shown resistance to electricity. Even that's barely feasible. Milluki has basically no feats.

  14. Source for percentages not scaling linear altogh its in the very definition of percentages? "I made it up"

  15. Breaking: debate sub user learns other debate sub user frequently debates on the debate sub they both use

  16. yeah, well I'm not talking about Naruto lightning since it's clear to see that they move faster than that consistently XD also I'm getting the feeling that it's with the sharingan witch you are referring to soooooo... also how far is the question. cause you gave time, but you haven't given a distance. for all we know it's the exact same and you haven't given all the details XD

  17. How is the speed of real lightning relevant when we're discussing Naruto where the lightning is far slower? And the distance doesn't matter. It's stated to move in 1/100 of a second, whereas real lightning is in the hundreds of thousands.

  18. cause it's what i was referring to. when it comes to speed, he would at least be Mach 167000 aka what actual lightning would be.

  19. I'd like a personal apology for that first sentence as well as a check in the mail to pay for a series of therapist visits

  20. That's not anywhere close to statuing an opponent like Deku did. And he can do that 2x over. Show Luffy doing something close to tha. And future sight isn't blitz proof as shown on Onigashima.

  21. Where is the massive speed advantage coming from?

  22. Yeah well too bad because jesus is canon in jojo and has the ability to level a stand to the overpowered ability, giving D4C an almost impenetrable fate shield (only defeated by the universal constant gravity, harness by the golden spin) and it spawned a near incurable turn-to-stone disease that plagued each first born of the higashikata family

  23. Didn't you hear him man he doesn't recognize religion meaning DIO loses his godly powers

  24. Deku wins without using One for All. Barry tries to talk it out and Deku hits him with a slow moving projectile, such as a tennis ball or relatively fast airborne dog.

  25. Bruh I know this comment is from a long time ago. But did you forget Shigaraki natural enemy is sand? He himself said that Snatch is his natural enemy because he uses sand and he can't decay sand, this happened when he ambushed the police convoy that was transporting Overhaul. That's why he left it to Dabi and Compress to kill Snatch.

  26. I didn't forget. Shigaraki overcomes this exact weakness in season 5. He would have no trouble with decaying Crocodile. And he has hyper-regeneration, meaning having moisture sucked out of him would be of no issue.

  27. Kurama can't revive Naruto from being a puddle. Deku annihilates Naruto in 1 hit.

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