1. Nah he’s had a relationship with them since 2021. If he changes his style that’s on his own prerogative

  2. Yeah hold up 2013 was totally illegitimate, a true screw job against Wisconsin. The refs botched the entire ending.

  3. Ik alot of pac12 fans outside of reddit probably hate it bcs of elitism but I personally think those 2 additions are great.

  4. What has SDSU done to deserve it? They have no fanbase

  5. Same, if we add anyone I think Boise and Fresno would add the most. Nobody cares about TV markets if the league is a joke

  6. I feel like everyday I hear about another Wild forward not working (Steel, Hartman, Greenway).

  7. Hartman has regressed, Greenway has never been particularly good at anything but being good, and Steel was a lottery ticket who shouldn’t be relied upon by a supposed competitive team. We’re paying way too much to guys who don’t offer anything

  8. What makes you say that? His entire time as HC has been "my or the highway" style.

  9. Oh I'm sorry, in charge of the entire defense has no voice, responsibility, or day to day relationships with players. My bad for the confusion.

  10. I never said he had no voice but it’s not full autonomy like he had. He worked just fine in a Steelers locker room last year

  11. Country crowds may get tired of it, but the pop/rap audiences adore the guy and that’s not changing any time soon

  12. Yeah I agree with this. I like Combs more but Wallen’s wider appeal means he can stay relevant for awhile

  13. Is this the one poster that thinks the WBC is the most important thing on planet earth

  14. i mean you can at least sympathize with the guy for not being allowed to compete for his country...this is likely Ji-Man's last chance as well since this tournament is every 4 years

  15. My comment wasn’t about Choi’s reaction though

  16. Congrats on getting the East valley Chiefs

  17. It’ll never happen but there’s a lot worse options out there

  18. With our OL he would have been pulverized by the other DE without seeing him coming

  19. He’s used to only having two blockers hence his success in the game

  20. He’s only 32, not washed up by any means since they have him DH a lot on KC. If keeping Maldy, this is a good move to split time at catcher.

  21. England has actually produced a number of good midfielders throughout the years just none that currently play for us

  22. 36 songs is wild for an album.

  23. Half of them will be for country fans the other half for pop fans so it won’t be too egregious

  24. Because they‘re better in the trenches

  25. I am owed an apology from all those broncos fans the last day blasting me.

  26. They’re a delusional bunch we’ve learned the last year. Wilson broke their brains

  27. I’m less worried about the result and more about the chances created. Didn’t feel like we had that many great opportunities considering the attacking lineup we played

  28. Kai should have scored 2 goals today, the chip over the keeper was shit. He missed another great chance when he hit the stands from a cross in.

  29. I agree but over they were 2 decent not great chances for Kai with the defection on the tap in, and Fofana had to dribble around 2 guys before having a chance to do anything. We should have likely scored 1-2 goals but against a team like Fulham we should be creating enough chances to score 3-4

  30. I love college football more than pro football. I watch a lot of it.

  31. Christian Ponder was a vastly better QB than Anthony Richardson ever was and will likely have a better pro career too.

  32. Better than letting him walk or giving an injury prone guy that depends on his legs a long guaranteed deal

  33. Yeah he’s been for a few months and worst cast scenario we cut him and he can go anywhere he wants. It’s not like we just kicked him out on the street

  34. Lmao, near violent physical confrontation by Boehly/Eghbali?? I’m sorry but that just sounds fucking hilarious envisioning that.

  35. When picking dudes to fight someone with the name “Eghbali” would be last one my list

  36. This game was a must-win, and we won it.

  37. I wasn’t a fan of him a few years ago, now he’s my favorite artist. As for her personality I mean he’s a military right after high school and Eagles fan. I don’t think that means he’s a bad person but rather just says a tough love personality

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