1. Did the offerwall disappear for everyone? It wasn't listed as a feature being paused. It was there for me earlier today.

  2. It should return after update tomorrow ! I have offers running to. I know it disappears after you get more than 50,000

  3. I'd go be with my family if you think they will help you. It's rubbish being alone I bet you need people helping now and then

  4. It could be related to the some sort of motion processing. In general with any TV things like Fast Motion, Smoothing, 240Hz motion should be turned off as they always damage the picture quality. Another option is if your TV has a Game Mode try turning it because in most cases that will turn off any processing to reduce latency for gaming which has the side of effect of improving picture quality when used.

  5. I think it's what that guy said just a cheap t.v is was about £350/400. I can't see none of these options when I look and I'm not even sure it has a game mode. My old t.v was cheap but it never had a glitchy things happening. I've turned everything off that I can. Like tru contour, tru flow, tru blue. I'm sure they're picture related but I don't know. Thanks for reply man

  6. You can also see the light at the back of the TV through picture on telly it's not cool

  7. Just be happy you're alive! I just had most my lung cut out for a tumor and I just want to live! It might make you uncomfortable but if you ever get a lovely boyfriend they shouldn't be bothered by it. It makes you, you. You will feel self conscious at such a young age but when years pass you won't be bothered

  8. Oh my fucking god man. What a pile of shit I'd be so angry man. It's really unfair that this has happened to you.

  9. Thank you guys that replied means a lot. They said My lung was pretty bad so they did a lobectomy and took more on top of that. Just hoping my lung heals now I've got a small air leak, had it 2 weeks now.

  10. Why was this post removed? I’m just seeing a title but no additional text.

  11. Both my neck lymp nodes are swollen and I have an operation for them to look around. Should I be scared?

  12. Are they swollen on each side? I think that's pretty rare, but I'm not a doctor. Take it day by day and don't worry unless they give you a reason to worry. I'll be thinking about you friend!! Please come back and tell me how it went!!!

  13. Thanks for reply I'm just waiting on a surgery date for them to check it out! I have a mass on my lung that they don't know it is so I have surgery for that to! They said its no related though! I really hope you get what you want in the end. I feel for you !!

  14. I don't know how to close them properly man. I have the apps on sleep that I don't use setting on though

  15. Thanks man. DO You think I should go for a better one or level this guy up ?

  16. Wait until the end of July where there will be a Meditite spotlight hour. If you don't catch an even better one on that day then go ahead and power this one up.

  17. Mewtwo need a few people (give me a few mins if I accept you , I'm waiting for more people) 0871 2825 9094 and 7697 3379 0516 and 7750 1747 5575

  18. I didn't get a shiny last year on Sunday. I was just gutted I didn't get a Unown shiny this year! No Pikachu either, GUTTED

  19. I was going to sand it down tomorrow but yeah that's a way better idea thanks. Do you know if wd40 is any good or grease??

  20. I keep my bike indoors 99% of the time and the forks are just as rusty

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