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  1. Believe it or not there’s this one dude named topato 😎

  2. I’ve done the same thing you did. I wasn’t in a nest but my apartment was constantly dirty and I never cared. Now I do daily and weekly cleaning to keep my battle station are looking nice

  3. I just checked and one of y'all made one of them hit themselves in confusion with that autism monster Pokemon post lmao

  4. I saw that post. Holy wow they aren’t bright. I added my own version

  5. Idk why you’re being downvoted. Seems like a fine question if someone isn’t familiar with the term.

  6. My experience with folk that match me is that they're way more interested in being penpals than meeting. And like that'd be fine, but 3 long-term penpals from dating apps is plenty, thanks.

  7. Uuuuugh I hated that. Literally talk for days and enjoy the conversation. Then as soon as I ask “Hey, want to grab a drink or dinner?” crickets

  8. RIGHT?!? what’s up with that? I literally asked if she wanted to grab a drink “I don’t drink actually” so then I said how about a movie or a bite to eat? “I’m so sorry but I’m flat broke” 🤦‍♀️ I’m sorry but why can’t you offer a suggestion that works for you? And why are you here??

  9. “Walk in a park?” “I don’t like parks.” “Want to sit in a Barnes and noble and just vibe?” “I don’t have any money.” “I’ll pay.” crickets

  10. The premise of this video baffles me. If we take it at face value then this dude was trying to sell frozen gloves with the idea of giving $1,000 to someone who buys them. Why? How does that make sense? Usually the idea of similar videos is to reward someone for being kind, but how is buying frozen gloves kind?

  11. But how will he get clout and be known as a “good person” if he doesn’t make these videos??? “Look at good of a human I am. Please, love me for being so humble and nice!” /s

  12. They really gave him a special beam cannon effect... Dammit I may have to get him now.

  13. Have they ever removed any accessories from a figure? (Except the new Andrew)

  14. You literally commented an example. Which means they absolutely can remove parts before production.

  15. And even the dudes who are into muscles will immediately turn into this if they aren't white

  16. Btw, I feel my title might be a bit misleading. The women are not being toxic, they are presenting the litany of toxic, abusive, and phobic comments they get on their posts for being muscular women.

  17. Explain to her that you struggle with interaction due to your condition/disability/different way of doing things, and explained as well that your concentration looks different.

  18. Yup, went through similar things in school. Still deal with it on my day to day. Got scolded for doodling in meetings. Told I wasn’t paying attention. So I provided the solution to topic of discussion. Explained I was thinking while doodling about the issue that was discussed and was about to present my idea when no one was talking. Manager was dumbfounded, team lead was like “yeah, that’s actually a good idea.”

  19. Who cares if you look like you pay attention? I got told I wasn't dressed professionally enough for a government job, and swore too much in my role as a supervisor and training lead. Consistently turned out the best performing team members, and had one of the highest work clearance rates. Called their bluff and said they could fire me if they hated my tidy jeans and trainers look. Kept the job until I quit of my own volition for greener pastures.

  20. Yup. Fuck that. I eventually stopped trying to cater that manager’s ego. He told me again I needed to pay attention and look at him while he leads meetings.

  21. Unless Becca is a petty, spiteful little bih and intentionally put the donuts and chocolates inside the trash with a matching cute, petty sign

  22. I’ve had managers that I refused their “pity pizza” because they were just awful shitty managers. I don’t care if it’s free, I don’t want shit from certain people.

  23. Can hear it now “Where are the BLM riots now? Is it only when a white cop kills a black man? Truly, who is the racist now???” I fucking hate him

  24. Boruto, it was really unnecessary to continue the story imo.

  25. I tried to like Boruto so much. I even watched stuff the led up to the best animated points in the show and just could not care less about why the story was going that way.

  26. I just watch boruto to see what sasuke be doing besides that I don’t really watch it.

  27. And he’s been getting nerfed over and over imo. Literal god level shinobi in prison fighting dinosaurs.

  28. Nobody is advocating for child ownership. This is why people don’t take you guys seriously. I’m not a republican but you guys can’t breathe without making a strawman argument or pearl clutching and it’s definitely making me think twice about voting left-leaning again

  29. Why do you think he made android 19?

  30. Yamcha low key probably the biggest smasher on this list and Chaozu is literally Tiens walking pocket bussy. Terrible list. Lol Also how can goku black and zamasu be on two different spots on the list when they are technically the same character.

  31. Konan having to watch and work along side the corpse of her dead boyfriend. She had to watch as the corpse was used as a tool for murder and destruction by their childhood best friend.

  32. You're not gonna do anything to solve obesity if you're not gonna touch the food industry.

  33. There is that pic of a pantry full of junk food and a comment saying “that is all corn.” Yeah, the food industry is the linchpin of it all

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