1. I’m just completely unsalvageable

  2. If you eat 1000 chicken nuggets that will give your body a lot of fat and you will be mostly chicken nugget, therefore you will be nice

  3. This isn’t my normal run. But I’ve been having trouble winning so I’ve been going for it scaling and it’s just been awful

  4. This could be a good idea as a one time thing to bring viewers to your channel, but you should make sure that your videos are up to scratch beforehand.

  5. I just looked at your channel, if you want to be a big youtuber, why promote a channel that is about memes? As a creator its key to be the brand.

  6. My Target audience is people who like memes and I want to be known for teaching the origin of popular memes, anything wrong with that?

  7. Sad thing is my youtube is broken so i cant see what that is ;-;

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