1. That’s definitely the fault of the LTO, why would they put 400+ pounds on top of salad tf

  2. I didn’t mean it judgy I know you guys work hard and I appreciate those of you that take the job seriously. Re-reading my comment it reads sassy but I was honestly just asking if like my standards are too high for a properly wrapped pallet or if that was an agreeably unfinished wrap job. Without y’all we’d have nothing to stock- without anything to stock in my commission only vendor position id literally starve. Im all for my warehouse ❤️

  3. I would do an even better job but every aspect of the job is timed and comes out of my pocket if not done fast enough, I appreciate you saying sorry thank you

  4. No problem man grocery gotta stick together lol if I had any advice to give it would be to get from Kroger itself and get into the vendor space. I was in management for teeter (Kroger sister) and left to be sales rep for one of the vendor companies and make way more money and have really good benefits. I’ve had 2 brain surgeries this year and not only do I still have my job but I’m still receiving disability and only went back to work for less than a full week before finding out I had to go back out to have another. Hmu if you want a referral or more info vendor space is very who do you know lol

  5. I’m definitely not a people person I love working with my hands, waiting for a mechanic position if it ever comes haha

  6. The circle K in Covington had it last year on the fountain, maybe they’ll have it?

  7. Omg! I didn't know this. I've found it on fountain at a few circle Ks in the past ill definitely check there. Thank you!

  8. This was a result of like 40% of our 2 day load getting cut combined with people panic buying because it doesn’t snow where I live very often.

  9. I just worked a 14 hour shift in the Kroger wearhouse, we had to cancel 50,000 pieces because we were short staffed, we still didn’t even finish our stores

  10. I miss my deep ocean blue Jeep! Your paint looks really good too

  11. I’m eating an eggo flavored pop tart and it’s the worst pop tart I’ve ever had, maybe it’s cause it’s wrapped individually but still

  12. Bro ohio what districts you send to? I probably get your pallets lmao

  13. Idk about crack, but I know our guys go through a lot of Adderall and energy drinks..... (not kroger, but another warehouse)

  14. I personally go off of a handful of vitamins, one monster and a lot of calories

  15. I hate to break it to you but CTs are trash. They have head gasket problems and the motors are slinging rods. I work at a small Lexus dealership and have seen 4 CTs with major engine problems within the past year. 3 with bad head gaskets and one with a blown motor. Did a brake booster campaign on one and it slung a rod on my test drive. So 5 bad CTs within the last year.

  16. Funny I come back to this, started showing signs of a head gasket failure after sitting for three days, I did beat on it pretty hard though

  17. Damn im sorry about that. I did try to warn you though lol. We have since had another CT come in with a bad head gasket.

  18. Would you recommend a bottle of liquid head gasket? I caught it pretty early

  19. I usually enjoy most art shows but they did not have many different pieces, i tried out the vr experience for $5 and it wasn’t very interesting either

  20. Boosts testosterone levels, makes you feel better mentally after a week etc

  21. For what we get paid in the wearhouse, they can definitely pay you guys more

  22. In the ap4me training I had two months back talked about brand new barricade blockers making it out to all the stores over the next year, they’re super nice we just got them!

  23. Not a lot of homeless people inside of store.

  24. I’ve found some spots in my store that are perfect for people trying to hide

  25. Your apartment complex spends 620k a year on repairs?

  26. My maintenance man for my apartment told me his company spends 60k monthly at Lowe’s

  27. I wish we had better safety knives here at The Homeless Despot. The ones we have are garbage.

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