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  1. How many years have people been saying that though? Like certainly Apple could have improved Siri even without the hoards of data Google collects. Heck I'm willing to bet there's a not insignificant amount of people who allow Apple to use their data (using the toggle they give you)

  2. That’s just the thing! By now they must have at very least enough data from just the employees that work in Siri to have made improvements.

  3. Apple Trade In is better thought of as a small credit for recycling your machine. Anyone who thinks it’s remotely worth it deserves to be separated from their money.

  4. Apple is definitely not the first company I think of when you say “just time driving the cost down”

  5. Most definitely not, but I do think that strategically Apple wants to get to a place where wired headphones don’t need to be in their line up. Currently it costs $25 for a pair of wired EarPods. I suspect that in three or four years we could see another price reduction for what is essentially the AirPods 2, and have it be around $49. Then Apple will say “fuck it” and pull the EarPods from the store.

  6. iOS 12 was wonderful for being a refinement and optimization update. I would totally be in for another one of those. Especially for battery life.

  7. I’ll take it a step further and say that Apple should be baking in iOS 12 type updates into the roadmap every other year.

  8. Big same. iPhones have the ‘Just works’ feel for me and more. At least, not to the same extent

  9. I think there’s a big issue of motivation here. If Apple is selling as many iPhones as ever, and the types of issues that are popping up are so uncommon that every experiences one or two of these kinds of issues, but no one issue is prevalent, what reason does Apple have to clean up?

  10. If enough people are absent, can Jeffries win with 212?

  11. That’s my understanding, but I’m just a random redditor like you.

  12. I have a feeling everyone in the party but the 20 craziest thought it would play out like every other time that Repubs just fell in line whenever it actually came down to it.

  13. That was certainly my assumption. If republicans are reliable for anything, it’s falling in line.

  14. Isn’t the punchline that he’s stealing her comic?

  15. This community has become so incestuous lately.

  16. On a similar note, I was travelling to California last year, and some random person smiled and said “good morning!” as he approached on a bike. I smiled back and said “Howdy!” The man nodded as he passed me and said “Ah! A Texan!”

  17. I think people are underestimating how seriously amazing this is. This is exactly the kind of software that the iPad needs. The mix of portability and the lack of compromise on the tools leads to a workflow that can’t be duplicated on another device. It’s stuff like this where the iPad can differentiate from even a laptop.

  18. Does it do the same thing as Lumafusion ? If you don't touch the Videostream does it reencode the video unnecessary or does it passthrough the video?

  19. Doesn’t reencode as far as I can see, just handles the base video file.

  20. That’s kind of a big deal. No issues here on the upgrade though.

  21. Same. I’m surprised to see this because the upgrade fixed almost all the issues I was having.

  22. Certainly it’s small for a workstation, but even so, imagine it just… not being there. That’s a lot of space saving.

  23. Hmm apologies for my ignorance but can you not vesa mount a studio to the back of the monitor? Is it too bulky and heavy for it? It seems a bit too constraining to tie the monitor to the device such that you can’t upgrade for a better one if needed or some other issues related to the screen.

  24. I don’t think it would work with a Vesa mount. Unless I’m misunderstanding, the VESA points are solely for mounting the monitor to things.

  25. My brother in law has the 85 q80t and I have the 75 x90j. No bias, my tv destroys his.

  26. I’m excited that someone has experience for a direct comparison.

  27. "From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!" - some guy

  28. “From my point of view, this is a really good batch!”

  29. Honest question: You've been watching it with a 2 year old? Or did you just tell him about it?

  30. He overheard my wife and I talking about the upcoming season, and interjected with “Should be Good Batch.”

  31. Bingo. Same as before…. All these slippery slope arguments completely ignored that abusing the CSAM tools would be the really hard way to accomplish the boogeyman type stuff. There were (and still are) already much easier facilities.

  32. I have always been in favour of Apple’s CSAM scanning proposal, and I’m honestly bummed that it got shouted down.

  33. Impressive demo, it’s quite slow but part of that could be it running through shortcuts.

  34. That’s just the OpenAI chat. I’m sure shortcuts is introducing some delay, but the bot can take a while to respond sometimes depending on system load.

  35. Of course Federico would be the one to do this.

  36. I’m sure there are some billionaire exceptions that prove the rule, but people’s inability to separate success from skill, morals, and intelligence is causing a fuckton of problems in the world right now.

  37. Low-powered sweeper bots and simple mops can definitely be thinner, but you're sacrificing a lot of functionality.

  38. Seems like this might be the solution. The reason I was hoping to avoid it is because I have other pieces of furniture that would have to be raised as well.

  39. he has no reason to lie about this. it would hurt him more than anything else.

  40. This 100% happened, and you’re being downvoted for it. Tough break bud.

  41. What a fucking Info Wars response.

  42. ITT folks who do understand procedure. Folks who are acting like Veruca Salt. Kids out of school. Very few discussions about how serious this really is.

  43. I’m done making predictions about Trump, but if Garland was serious about moving against him, this is what it would look like.

  44. the amount of people in this thread that don't learn from the past is disheartening

  45. I don’t know what is going to happen, and it would feel apropos for Trump to evade consequences, but it’s also worth noting that this is a very different situation from Mueller.

  46. You act like Trump doesn’t care about Ukraine and would only support them if they fabricated evidence against his own political rivals. You’re seriously sounding like Trump met with Putin without any US intelligence officials present but still with Russian agents in the room. Do you seriously believe Trump would go to a faraway nation like Finland, which constantly lives under Russian threat and make a public statement that he trusts Russia more than the American military.

  47. Fuck the haters, you don’t need an /s.

  48. I don’t run campaigns but if I were say a democratic strategist I’d say give up on Iowa, Ohio, Florida and(for now) Texas in exchange focus on North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

  49. I agree with this with the exception of Texas. I think Texas needs massaging. Losing or not, Beto did show the way in 2018, but he is not the right candidate. What Texas needs is don’t hurt me it’s own Manchin, or even more of a Fetterman style candidate. Someone who is Texas through and through, but in touch enough to sway people over. Someone who can make Ted Cruz and Abbot and really any one republican seem as out of touch with Texas as Fetterman did with Oz in Pennsylvania.

  50. I think people nationally are totally delusional about Texas tbh. I don’t see a democrat winning statewide here for the foreseeable future

  51. What do I know? I’m just a Canuck observing at a distance.

  52. So… here is my question. The Republicans tried out some fascism lite, and it didn’t work. Does this mean they reform? Go back to democratic norms? I don’t think so. That genie can’t go back in the bottle. The bad guys are not going to be like “let’s try democracy again.” We’re not out of the woods and I don’t know what comes next.

  53. I don’t think so. Like in 2020, the defeats may have been widespread, but all the margins are way too close for Republicans to take away that they need to change the party. These were all close races.

  54. I still believe if the GOP didn't focus on Abortion and election denying they would have won and won hard.

  55. The results aren’t bad, but the margins for the last two elections sure has not been comforting.

  56. Everyone keeps saying this, but I can’t help but feel that whoever wins the Trump/Desantis face off will come out stronger for it.

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