1. You have the butcher the meat at some stage, and that ain't for the faint hearted. Being a hunter doesn't make you murderer, but it does give you skills and experience that would help.

  2. Lots of folks take their deer/elk/whatever to a butcher around these parts. Then they only need to field dress it, no butcher skills required

  3. Try tightening up the pivot just a tiny amount, with the blade half open. Happens from time to time on my Osborne because I haven’t put blue loctite on it

  4. Those folding scalpels are very useful. I have a slipjoint be with G10 scales, and it gets used often.

  5. Elementum is a good choice. I’ve recently got a button lock w/ micarta scales and really enjoy it

  6. So if you want to watch some NFL games on CBS or FOX TV, your TV station is in Lewiston and Clarkston? Not Spokane?

  7. CBS in Lewiston, others from Spokane. We can also get Spokane cbs. But signal can be iffy through antenna

  8. From what I can tell on the map, yes. Moscow is within a 100 mile radius of Spokane/Coeur d’Alene. As a local to the region, it definitely makes sense to consider Moscow/Pullman (and the greater Palouse region) to be within the Spokane metro area.

  9. Moscow is considered part of the quad-cities (Moscow id, Pullman wa, Lewiston id, clarkston wa). Nobody in our region considers Moscow part of Spokane

  10. fixed blade = blade doesn’t move or pivot

  11. a brand name of a type of knife that can be a fixed blade.

  12. Eafengrow. I have a 973 w/micarta scales in D2. Great action, and only around $27

  13. The hell kind of wish.com Chucky is that? They make a new one I missed? Too many remakes smh

  14. Idk how to drop an imagine but just google bride of chucky 😂 this ain’t it my man.

  15. I mean, I showed you a pic of the exact one on box for sale on eBay. There were more than one released during that time

  16. I would love one of each!!! Thank you, should a pm you my address?

  17. Are you gifting out leatherman stickers? If so, I’m interested…

  18. KLEW is there station out of Lewiston, which is the closest tv station to Moscow (approx 30 miles vs Spokane approx 70 miles)

  19. Yeah most people I know have a similar type of knife. Usually passed down from relatives, or for hunting or just keep one in a drawer somewhere for self defense. Does anyone from Idaho know if this is common there too?

  20. I live not too far away from Moscow, and fixed blade knives are very common, not just to own but many people carry a fixed blade on their hips in these areas. Though I don’t personally own a Kabar USMC Fighting knife, I own several similar types of blades and will carry one sheathed on my hip when I’m out and about.

  21. Looks to me like some sort of fancy dab bong rig

  22. I hadn’t heard of that. Is it suitable for a 9” chef’s knife? How do you like the included stones?

  23. I’ve sharpened a 8” chef knife just fine, and I think the say that’s about a big as it’ll go, but I wouldn’t think an extra inch would be a killer.

  24. Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener Including Additional Sharpening Stones and Carry Case

  25. I believe Adam said on his podcast “this is important” that this episode was why Danny hired him for gemstones

  26. recently started listening to that pod and im loving it--their laughter is contagious!!

  27. It’s tons of fun to listen to. I catch myself laughing out loud at it often. And Blake’s soundboard drops are constantly going through my head.

  28. Lynch NW has great titanium dee carry clips. Love mine in my 940

  29. I just ordered an Elementum button lock for the same price. If I’d known the lander was also in sale it would’ve been a tuff decision

  30. Oh dang that's a great price on the button lock elementum. I'm not a fan of the button-only deployment, but if that works for you it should be a phenomenal knife.

  31. I like the idea, not sure how it will work in use. I have a disability in my hands, so I’m always looking for new deployment/lock types to make one hand open and close easier

  32. Comedy Bang Bang 10th anniversary was 10 hours long (had to be split in 2 eps). I believe, at least at the time, it was the longest podcast episode

  33. Dukes of Hazard is available almost everywhere, but I love how they just keep spouting conservative taking points without even taking 15 seconds to google it

  34. Not closer to the “butt” of the handle. The lanyard hole prevents it from going all the way back. I typically just carry it tip down, but it feels awkward pulling out and putting away since all my other knives are tip up deep carry. I know a new deep clip would help, but haven’t gone that route yet

  35. A deep carry clip folds back towards the end of the knife before folding back over. LynchNW clips are great.

  36. Lynch NW is great, I have a coupke of his clips for my wife and my BM 940 & 945.

  37. Same. My bounty hunter spring broke, and since I can’t carry an OTF (legally) where I live, I’m not really sure if I want to fix it. But now I’m missing an OTF in my collection, and the shootout is really my favorite aesthetically.

  38. It's super easy to make a spring. Just need a drill, needle, and some piano wire, guitar string, etc. I can send you one if youd like. Just pm

  39. It wasn’t the spring, but the “L” shaped piece that attaches the spring to the blade. I could order one for relatively cheap, but not in a hurry

  40. So they figure the company is worth $25M, they want to invest in 20% of the company, and they want Richard and the others to own the remaining 80%?

  41. Thank you! Did you know that Erlich owns 10%?

  42. And he is 1/10th as upset as Richard about losing funding. LOL

  43. Not to say I didn't laugh but I wondered how that's not a taunting penalty? We have seen smaller things called. Very weird Jones got away with it.

  44. I’m not sure if that’s still a penalty or not after they changed up the celebration rules. I feel like Lynch got penalized and fined more than once for doing it

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