Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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  1. The vita and the 3ds are the only systems that somehow escaped the re4 port mania

  2. I didn’t even remember her name until someone brought it up in here

  3. I have an awful feeling that it's going to be Suzie's family. That was a hell of a lot of kids to introduce otherwise.

  4. The Mormon bunch, with special guest star argyle

  5. i've got absolutely nothing to prove it but i know in my heart of hearts

  6. Yeah naruto ending was probably the divine intervention for this series to succeed

  7. Looks like The Batman will remain the best capekino this year..

  8. Marvel could’ve released a perfect movie here and it still wouldn’t have topped batman, seeing that in the fan premiere with a completely silent theater on edge was a 10/10 experience

  9. Way to go mask off there at the end, respect the honesty at least

  10. Really good episode but ONLY 22 dead after we saw like entire neighborhoods get destroyed straight through the middle???? That seems a little low to say the least

  11. Tell me you're horny in the Upside Down without telling me you're horny in the Upside Down.

  12. When you’ve been constantly running, trying to keep 6 kids alive, hiding with a “murderer”, hiding from an actual potential murderer, and figuring out how you can even have a potential chance at stopping a god-like demon, you would want a nut to relieve your stress too

  13. All gonna die. Season 5 is just 9 episodes of Vecna chilling.

  14. Vecnaing around, starring 001 with special guest star ted

  15. Where are you buying from? You need to buy from a place that will offer you a warranty for glasses, aka any good small practice. Also, idk what you’re doing to break them but you should probably stop that as well. If you think you can’t reasonably take good care of them, maybe it’s time for contacts

  16. I’ve never felt so depressed as i have this past week, this is legitimately bleak. No one should be okay with this, because no matter where you live and what party you are aligned with this gives the state the power to override your voice. If you are in support of the state overriding legitimate votes, because let’s make it clear that even conservative foundations have found that voter fraud is a very very rare occurrence that usually gets dealt with quickly, you are legit a psychopath. This is quite possibly the beginning of the end of what the United states represents even at least on paper

  17. I thought the comic book version of the accords which required the heroes to unmask and etc really had a much bigger impact on the super hero community. I thought the idea or the rules behind the accords weren't fully explained in the MCU to avoid a lot of plotholes in the future so I never really thought it justified the reaction that Steve had. The movie made it seem the basis of his arguments revolved around what was happening to bucky at the moment. So if only taking in the MCU explanations, hence no public unmasking and etc. I think Tony had a much more reasonable overall stand.

  18. I feel like they couldn’t do the unmasking thing because tony had already unmasked himself and a lot of the superheroes can be easily recognized with very little problems except hawkeye. The only one who would’ve had problems is peter and that was his very first movie so we wouldn’t have felt anything. If they waited to do it when they had more heroes the unmasking thing would’ve been doable despite the previous public unmaskings

  19. She just said the quiet part out loud. The right wants to make the US a”Christian Nation”. Justice Thomas told us he intends to go after contraception and gay marriage. Amy Barrett is a religious extremist her sect is basically a Catholic cult and she told her students “ keep in mind your law career is just a means to an end, that end is building a Kingdom of God. She got into the law so she could impose her religious beliefs.

  20. I did not know the amy coney barrett line, that’s actually terrifying especially now that she’s in such a high position

  21. It was part of her commencement speech to Notre Dame law students.

  22. I know notre dame is more of a religious school but that had to have been uncomfortable for a lot of people

  23. Little tone deaf too have that as the name, if it was “the july 4th” collection that would be a lot less tone deaf but jeez

  24. I know this is a shitpost sub, but Ingrid and the rest of the Blue Lions (minus Annette) in Three Hopes might be the most well-written characters I've seen in an FE game. The paralogue with Ingrid, Dedue, and Felix was especially well done.

  25. Of course the one time I decide to skip playing my favorite house is the one where they’re supposedly best written

  26. Really great episode, I’m glad they didn’t go overboard on the herogasm stuff like social media wanted them to, and kept the plot going while still being absurd.

  27. Same people that are already in Ohio. It’s why there will be huge exodus from purple states to blue states and thus make a huge impact on the electoral college. Dems will be lucky to ever win a Presidential election again.

  28. I feel like if Texas turns blue, the only way the dems could possibly not lose the presidency for the foreseeable future is if they keep fucking up and not doing anything, which is exactly why the dems will probably keep losing the presidency until some more actual left wing people take over the party like how the tea party took over the republicans

  29. Reminder that we can have real life storm troopers but can’t not go broke from going to the hospital because it all goes to these dipshits :/

  30. “No mob rule, now let me go grab some friends to harrass gay kids into feeling ashamed of themselves for non existent reasons”

  31. The Supreme court of the United States is officially illegitimate.

  32. AYOOOOO!??!!?!! do i see Gatekeeper? No wonder he never had anything to Report, he dealt with it himself.

  33. I got two jobs: reporting, and kicking ass. And I’m all out of things to report


  35. This whole story is just a speculation game of will the story get worse with each headline and every single time it has been a very loud yes. The cops don’t just need to be fired, they need to be tried potentially federally for their incompetence and cowardice. There’s consequences in the military for cowardice, there should absolutely be consequences in the police force for gross negligence and cowardice. The story that they were in the hallway with shields should be the final straw. If that’s not convincing enough then release the body cam footage. These guys need to be punished, but the police chief especially needs major punishment

  36. To their 'Holiday Special' more specifically.

  37. Realizing thor won’t spend Christmas with the guardians makes me slightly sad, that would be a fun image

  38. Porn sites desperately need more reverse pov blowjob, and reverse pov in general, videos

  39. No movie but it’s coming back episodically in October, adapting the final arc

  40. Also supposed to be getting a new manga arc I think, he released a one shot back in like October that ended up being the start of a new storyline

  41. the way the one shot ended definitely made it feel like Kubo was cooking up another arc but there’s hasn’t been any news since i don’t think

  42. I could see this as a good sign, i would hope he’s planning things out and cooking things so it comes out the best it can after how bleach got done dirty. Kubo probably wants to make sure bleach ends properly so it doesn’t become the defiled corpse in the anime community that it has been for the past couple years. I would also hope he’s working with perrot or whoever is doing the new anime and telling them what he wants changed/expanded upon

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