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  1. Maybe because im getting a condo my rate is higher? What bank are you working with?

  2. https://onlineapps.fremontbank.com/Affiliates/Documents/Rates/Wholesale%20Rate%20Sheet.pdf

  3. Lmfaooo I had carpenter bees nesting in my old deck too. It just got rebuilt and tbh I’ll miss the little buggers. I was just warming up to them.

  4. The best case scenario is that you whoop this woman’s ass and get her blood on you, which then makes you worry about getting hep c or some other serious blood borne illness. Taking it a step further, I don’t think going to the clink is worth it when it comes to intervening.

  5. Here is the thing. Bystanders are dumb. If you do something and it isn't perfect according to the armchair quarterbacks who know exactly how to deal with a cluster B individual /s, they will accuse you of being a bad person as well. These people are know as Flying Monkies. They are a bullies best weapon. This is why bullying works. Nobody wants to be collateral damage in a society that spends all its time judging everyone. So, everybody goes in the opposite direction while the flying monkies hang around for the entertainment, to record it and to post it on the internet for everyone to comment on. No good deed goes unpunished in America. So, bad people get their way.

  6. WTF is the point of intervening? Let her hang herself, you got the video, she's going to jail.

  7. Developers charging $80+ an hour are extremely rare in India. You found 3 of them and then they quoted such insane timelines? Are you sure you didn’t ask a consultancy because they say 3 devs but they also have to feed a management pipeline so they suck up a lot of money.

  8. There is hiring offshore developers and then there is hiring a company offshore that hires devs to handle the project. The latter will charge an arm and a leg based on 'expected time', REALLY round it up, charge hourly, and basically milk the money as much as they can. I don't pay hourly, so whatever.

  9. Our robot diaspora will travel the dark, cold universe, recreating human dna and providing libraries of knowledge for newly born children.

  10. Not only does all mass exert gravity, but all mass exerts gravity over the entire universe. You, yes you reading this, are affecting the gravity of a planet on the other side of the universe! (Or rather will, once your gravitational pull reaches that far; it has to travel, you know!)

  11. I would like to add that gravity propagates at the speed of light, in case anyone was wondering.

  12. This is a freaky thing to contemplate. Anesthesia doesn't erase pain, it removes your ability to form memories. So you wake up after surgery just fine but did you or did you not just have a horrid experience, but no memory of it? What does "you" even mean in this context?

  13. This is the most disturbing thing I've read today. Reminds me of the star trek teleporter conundrum. When it teleports you, is it just destroying the old you and making a new one? What if both survive?

  14. I know very little about ket. Are these fellas having a horrendous time, a brilliant time (in their heads) or are they simply absent?

  15. You become trapped and can't understand what you are seeing. It's like mushrooms in that manner, you can look at something, and it doesn't register what it is or what it does. It's a dissociative, but unlike PCP, you actually ALSO disassociate with your motor functions.

  16. Then you figure out xyz is going on behind your wall and that single bedroom that’s 100% fine is now getting renovated again

  17. I think they mean the dominion machines are like scantrons. They read the paper ballot.

  18. so, a person weighing 100kg would be 300g heavier, about a can of coke. but for something thats hundreds of tons like rockets, it would absolutely be significant!

  19. So does a rocket starting horizontally or at the 45 take less energy to get into orbit than a traditional 90?

  20. Nope, it’s sus if all American banks refuse to deal with the civilian so the civ uses a bank historically known for money laundering, though…

  21. I don't know if you've noticed, but most major banks have been fined for laundering money.

  22. People are too stupid to realize Ron Paul didn't and doesn't have a solution.

  23. Just imagine how wonderful living before those psychos invented inflation.

  24. Whoa whoa whoa tex; the TERM inflation didn't exist. Inflation, my dear friend, absolutely existed, and in the worst possible ways, since the dawn of fiat money.

  25. Teenager/early 20’s: yo we can save money by booking the 7am return flight and not paying for accommodation - lets just stay at the club until 5am or sleep on the airport floor!

  26. Then you hit your 40s and you do stupid flights like that just to prove you 'still got it'. Somewhere in your 50s I'm guessing you go to bed at 7pm and wake up at 4am to make the 7am.

  27. Or was white and publicly claimed ANTIFA ties. Like the guy in the Pacific NW who shot a Trump supporter and when Law Enforcement found him they turned his car into the tollbooth scene from The Godfather.

  28. Yah this is how I explain to people that try to do the “both sides” bs to me. They say that both extremes are bad, well the extreme on the left is annoying political correctness and the extreme on the right wants to kill everything not white. I’ll take the annoying people any day of the week.

  29. There are no vacant houses where I live - houses for sale in my and surrounding neighborhoods still sell in days with multiple bids. Houses for rent rent in days. In fact you can rent a single bedroom in you r house for $1,000/mo. Real estate is very regional- in areas of high growth housing will certainly slow down some- but prices are not likely to come down much. There may be some markets that suffer more- but probably not the affordable starter houses in most markets.

  30. Yes, but how many are occupied, and/or paying full rent? That's the stat I want to see. BONUS: How many people on the average are living together now, compared to 2007.

  31. Your obsession with killing machines is part of the broader gun culture that has flooded our society into thinking we have a god given right to own a gun for some dumb ass reason. You’ve been duped by gun manufacturers to wear gun ownership as your identity and view anybody who wants to take it away as your enemy. There is absolutely no reason for any fucker, even otherwise late abiding folks, to own something that has been made for the express purpose of killing dozens in seconds.

  32. Have you ever served in a war zone? Have you ever lived in a country where people are trying to kill you? Has your ever been in a situation where your entire culture has been ethnically cleansed?

  33. American cops seem so eager to shoot anyone who doesn't actually pose a threat but when the tables are turned they seem to cower and hide.

  34. To cops, there is a big diff between controlling a new situation that they initiated (getting the jump on the citizen) vs walking into a developing situation where someone has the jump on the cops. Traffic stop vs uvalde.

  35. What I don’t understand is where did all the yacht and bank account money from the oligarchs we seized go??? Shouldn’t we be getting some of our aid package back

  36. That sits at the DOJ for literally years. We have still libya shit from the 80s.

  37. There is no bi-partisan outcry. What, you think because the TV news, radio, print and internet tells you that everyone is for it, therefore everyone must be for it? It's all made up bullshit. You are living inside an ad. That ad message is being controlled to convince you that 'everyone' is on board.

  38. This is now my 2nd favorite video on the Internet.

  39. So Stack Ranking is basically a way to destroy company culture in the long term.

  40. In sales, the bottom is the bottom, and if they're not hitting quota then they should be cut loose. The problem becomes when the bottom 10% IS hitting its quota, and those quotas are designed to be profitable; whereas some quotas are arbitrary numbers chosen by management. So now you're firing good sales people that are making money. Competition breeds winners and rankings, and you need that but it doesn't have to be some hard line. His math worked, it just didn't take into account nuances.

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