1. Does this mean Heroforge can add the octopus face options back??

  2. Your "coworker" shows taste and is also very ballsy. I love anime but would never do that.

  3. I'd just put them in the inside of the lid lol

  4. yeah dude. be prepared to refrigerate.

  5. Lol I meant is it an actual sculpted piece or just a cube

  6. Ha, sorry I thought you were joking. It feels like a piece of foam. the smaller one has a magnet in the bottom for attaching to the swoop bike.

  7. Decent price for Grievous, if you're a big fan of him I'd grab it at that price

  8. Both. As far as I'm concerned it's all canon, it's all made up anyway. Sure if something is specifically over written ON screen That's fine by me, I'm really not as fussed as most ppl about this stuff

  9. It wasn’t really sideshows fault it Was packed amazingly probably even over packed it’s really more of hot toys cheap plastic

  10. Either way, it's their responsibility somewhere up the chain, not yours to settle. Sorry I get real neurotic about this stuff

  11. No it’s ok you are totally right more people should definitely stand up for what they want it’s just not that important to me

  12. I also have this set up, zero issues so far

  13. Nope, straight up on the floor. There is like feet you can get for it, but they would've made it too tall for my apartment, so just went without. I do have draw/cabinet inserts in the kallax too

  14. Oh man, all metal gear stuff! What series are those figures on that one shelf? Also that Ray is gorgeous

  15. Hm, maybe I'll give a shot then, gonna do a bunch of new poses soon

  16. Yeah, I nabbed one super cheap a d she quickly became a favorite

  17. I have the Flare 2B, so skipped this one. Still kinda regret it

  18. So who's the one in the top row with the sword? I missed that announcement

  19. Character from demon slayer, forget the name

  20. I take it it's the dude with the scars? That's who I was thinking it would be

  21. The one on the right is a NECA "Series 2" figure of the original 1984 Terminator, circa 2011. More info and a pic:

  22. Found these with some other unopened NECA Reel Toys from T2 and MacFarlane Toys T3 figures, but these two don't seem to be featured on the other's packaging.

  23. I had a lot of trouble when I did this with a couple death troopers, ended up getting impatient and fucking them up so I'd say a couple months to be safe

  24. If you had told 12-year-old me that I’d see a TV show with Boba Fett riding a rancor and it would be the worst Star Wars finale, I would not have believed you on either point.

  25. I make custom star wars dioramas, what were you looking for?

  26. I just want an anakin that comes with both light and dark heads

  27. Did you read any of my other comments? I did try googling it, repeatedly and ordered the wrong thing once already, and couldn't find the right size. Didn't have much to go on.

  28. That's a PC4-M6 coupling. Do yourself a favor and order

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