1. *When I've been stealing things from an emotionally unstable person.

  2. The objective of the owner of that car was accomplished: he triggered hundreds of people.

  3. How is it that hoot and foot don't rhyme? English is such a wierd langauge.

  4. Bruh if she were to step somewhere out of russia somehow I bet shell just be punched down in da hoods

  5. This took me far too long to decipher for such an ignorant post.

  6. This is called central heterochromia. There are three kinds.

  7. Torturing animals, bed wetting, arson. The other "dark triad".

  8. You live with your older boyfriend/girlfriend. My guess, they are at least five years your senior. You work retail. You have a driver's license but no vehicle and prefer to either bike or bus where you need to go. You've been in trouble with the law but it was sealed when you turned 18.

  9. Honestly you got the law part right, only truency but eh, i dont have my license or a car, but i do prefer biking anyways wrong about the living sit

  10. First I want to say this dude is a fucking champion. I can’t imagine the will to relearn basic motor function. I’m amazed.

  11. Its a gun that shoots nerf bullets with a case. It's very cool. But I have no clue what it's saying. Maybe talking about the bomb from csgo? (It's an awp and the website is called cs noob

  12. Mine too. The venn diagram of folks that care enough about gas over electric to make a big deal about it and those that clean cast iron with soap has a lot of overlap, I'd imagine.

  13. Apparently folks here aren't up-to-date on world affairs. Doesn't surprise me.

  14. Wait wait wait. You've all been telling me to "season" my skillet. This is not what you meant???!!!

  15. Oh shit! Is that one half of the cast that the rings of power were forged with!?!?!

  16. Do you think it's a person that physically spreads the cream on oreos?

  17. Can you help op? Please translate this into English. Your code is as confusing as the Zodiac's.

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