1. Why is it that Nintendo have never made an official Zelda and Mario crossover game,i think it’d be great to see Mario and link team up to stop Ganon and bowser. I think it would be cool to be able to switch between the play style of Link’s combat and Mario's platforming to solve puzzles.

  2. My guess is Nintendo doesn't wanna mess with the Zelda canon, even if it's considered "non-canon". I feel like there's an image they try to keep with Zelda that Mario isn't really held to, if that makes any sense.

  3. ...which made it so when a kid bought it based on the cover and ended up controlling a square, they were disappointed.

  4. The movie completely messed up the actual story honestly

  5. Iirc the movie script was written and finalized before the final issue of the comic was published.

  6. I think people would praise Scott pilgrim more if Netflix actually go ahead and do that supposed animated series with them but I don’t even know if they are still going to do it or it has been canceled since there has been no word in months.

  7. I have noticed LOTS of announced animated reboots never end up happening, they just sorta go into production limbo, which is a shame. I think there's been an alleged Daria reboot for instance which we haven't gotten a word on in 4 years, Ren and Stimpy (though I think we have gotten some leaked storyboards), and all the stuff Warner Bros. is cancelling for tax write-offs. Even Nickelodeon with a show as lucrative as SpongeBob SquarePants, somehow can't manage it. Just recently they started advertising a really promising episode with some completed animation and everything, clearly very far (if not completely through) production, that seems to have just fallen of the face of the earth.

  8. I liked it! WAY better than the last one in just about every way. It felt genuine and heartfelt in ways the last one wasn't. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  9. I thought those were some of the main criticisms for those games, especially 06

  10. You can do anything with the shows cast and premise. Easy 5 seasons worth at least

  11. Regardless of your stance on it it's really annoying having to see it everywhere even in completely irrelevant settings. Like, yeah, great, trans rights, whatever, I'm here for memes.

  12. And the intro in general. Season 1 episodes generally use the entire theme song while it's usually abridged in later seasons.

  13. I never watched the show as a kid, I remember thinking it was a Garfield ripoff even though technically Heatchliff predates Garfield by 6 years (Heatchliff debuted in 1972, Garfield 1978).

  14. Someone born in 2007 is 15 years old, kinda weird to think about

  15. I wish I had Ethernet. It's pretty much off the table for most people whose houses weren't built in the last 20 years.

  16. Wouldnt it he 4 AM considering how dark out it is

  17. was rockos modern life a klasky csupo animation?

  18. It wasn't, it was Games animation, who also did Ren and Stimpy at the time

  19. Can we give VeggieTales credit real quick for being probably some of the only good religious media ever made? You don't even have to be Christian to enjoy it. And it's not controversial on either side as well

  20. A symptom of rabies is hydrophobia, drinking is pain.

  21. I feel like INTPs have much more nuanced opinions that transcend simply "left" or "right". They aren't exactly known for being decisive either.

  22. Just let people think what they want to think. As long as it doesn't affect you, who cares.

  23. Maybe. I do know getting older software like that to run on a modern PC can be tricky

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