1. An old movie called Alien might disagree. While I prefer the predator, It has some type of value to usually not kill an unarmed human. A Xeno on the other hand doesn’t care

  2. Xebos are the most violent scariest creature ever created for Cinema and as a whole human history

  3. Quinn dropping here supreme guard around him is the best thing as being MC' arch

  4. He is indeed remarkable man practice to the perfection Wish I could learn from him as a True Worthy Deciple

  5. Played as Streetkid cuz I live Urban in initial release I'll play ones again as Corpo when I truly start my Business/ career later in 2024 or so I'm in NO HURRY

  6. I’d rather know the last fuck I’m ever going to receive is from a succubus instead of a hot ass human female no need to disguise herself

  7. Don't be that Afraid man If you True to yourself and honestly caring for all around you, Punish the Guilty and Strick Minded for ONLY those who deserves it, and being a Great Person Even multidimensional beings tempted Love your Sigma Male attitude And they won't Kill you, that's the hardcore truth Even though all this happen in our heads or FOR REAL

  8. It was fucking hilarious 😆😂😆 and unexpected But surely don't fit the character I agree Disney did ruined Star Wars Yet I'm continuing to watch sequels everytime I revised the entire Chronological Order / Timeline

  9. pretty sure it uses the system default, so changing it in control panel for windows or whatever else for mac and linux should do what you're looking for

  10. I tried and set on default as Microsoft Zira as default voice Text-to-speech

  11. It's because you've played the game as it is and Original Score is running in your mind instead of my edit Anyway I just wanted to make the suicidal ending far darker and Tragic feels than it really is

  12. No it's because I'm a professional video editor and I'm synesthetic and I feel like I generally have a good idea what music evokes or reinforces certain emotions or communicates certain ideas and this music was like "I'm trying to be epic and exciting all the time!" and this scene really needs something soft and introspective.

  13. Tribute to any trooper in any Galaxy or any universe is a Tribute to fellow soldier Hats Off , Salute 🫡

  14. Well they ain't wrong Just couple of Plastic surgeries and done Albino Mace Windu 😁😅😂

  15. Woah Padme gonna do that? Badass QUEEN 👑 but surely Anakin would stop her

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