1. Sigh! Nothing done so far to actually reconcile and better the lives of the people in the north, or anything to solve their actual problems. BUT here we're still debating and accusing one another. If the diaspora Tamils think of establishing their own eelam state here, that's not a solution and that's not gonna happen. If the sinhalese politicians think they can just ignore the tamils problems and carry-on turning a blind eye and pleasing only the sinhalese majority, that ain't gonna solve shit either and myt only give more reason to another conflict.

  2. Depends on what exactly you wanna do in ICT. Software Engineering would be a bit tricky, but then I know some who weren't that good at school math but did do well in Software. If it's IT (as in administration of servers and operating systems) you won't need math as long as you're tech savvy and able to learn how to operate and configure things and then troubleshoot them. Networking is an option too, but it's a little harder to get into a proper networking job here. Don't worry too much about your OL or AL, once you get past it, it really isn't as big of a deal breaker like your parents and relatives would have made it seem, atleast not anymore. Good luck with your future.

  3. Ok so he claims to be a Pastor and a prophet or whatever. I've seen many posts here saying that he's scamming people. Can someone elaborate a bit on the scam part? Like how does he scam? Do people pay him for his services? I don't knw tbh, just curious to know, how he makes money.

  4. It's just some old corporations that still use the name cz a name change could be expensive (having to change the banners, letter heads, logo, etc..) Even then it's only a hand full that still use Ceylon. Like the Petroleum Corporation, BOC Bank, and a few others. When referring to the country literally no one here uses Ceylon anymore.

  5. Other comments have mentioned who's the best. But a place called Pizza Factory was the worst I've ever had. If you think Domino's is bad, that's atleast a pizza that you can eat. I almost cried after spending close to 3k for a pizza from Pizza Factory 😢

  6. I been curious about comptia certs for awhile as well. Mostly many "it" folks I asked about it barely knows about it tho and prefers either cisco or ms certs.

  7. It's a big deal in the US than it is over here I guess. But I've been trying for some work in European countries and they seem to require it too for certain positions.

  8. Sometimes even our English spellings for some names are off. Jayawardene would be better spelt as Jayavardhana not ජයවෝර්ඩනේ. Most westerners wouldn't be used to rolling the R sounds.

  9. I thought "Islam" is Religion and "Muslim" is the ethnicitiy.

  10. Islam is like Christianity and Muslim is like Christian, basically a follower or someone who identifies as a follower of that religion

  11. 119 is a joke. Better know the number of the police station in the area, but even then they take their own time to arrive without any urgency. Do you remember the last time seeing a cop car or jeep rushing somewhere with their lights and siren on? Unless it's in a politicians guard convoy, you'd never see it here.

  12. Send a vagina pic. That will most definitely get his attention.

  13. Ah the good old bobs and vagine trick, pioneered by the Indians on the internet

  14. Haha there might be a lot of girls who like you, just that they don't wanna tell you Lol

  15. Depends on you really. If you're careful with your spending, it's amazing. If you're reckless it would ruin you, but that's your fault not the cards. I personally use my credit card for everything, when I get my salary, I pay off the credit card due and put the rest to my savings. That way I'm not touching my savings whilst earning a good credit score, tho I don't know how important the credit score is in Sri Lanka

  16. Dang! Good luck man. I'm about as old as you are, yet my savings are miserable. Lol. But then I don't worry too much, cz I have a good time spending on things that I love, which I might not be able to in the future. There's no set goal, to each their own. Than just holding on to it as money, maybe try to get some assets that you could sell later for a profit or on something that could generate you a better income. I ain't no financial advisor, so consult one.

  17. 'Men' seems to be our English replacement for the sinhala "bung" and 'No' at the end is for the "nedha" that we add in Sinhala (tho English has "ain't it?" for the same but "no" is easier, and I think there's a few other countries where people use that "no")

  18. Da fuq? Report this cunt. And the fuck report to meta or IG? Are these the new enforcing agencies we want in life?

  19. Yeah, the police. Cuz best Meta could do is block them, we need to trace these bastards and bring them to justice

  20. This is a good conversation, I'm an American who will live in Sri Lanka for a few months starting next month and for my work I use well over 100 GB of data per month for doing Zoom lessons. So what provider would you guys recommend and what package?

  21. Most networks here have Zoom packages as an add-on where you pay a small fee for a certain amount of GB or even unlimited use of Zoom (or Teams, etc..)

  22. When was the last time you bought groceries? When inflation rate is over 150% you shouldn’t underpay people. Must adjust your pay to match inflation

  23. Dude, you think they pay that much for a job like data entry? I agree they should pay more, but reality is they don't. Specially for something like data entry, salaries are no way near what you say, even earlier data entry jobs wouldn't get you anything above 30k max. Now with the inflation maybe 40 ish if you're lucky. There are guys in the lower grades of networking and IT, with degrees and maybe an year or 2 of experience who're getting paid below 70k, and you here talking about 80k for data entry.

  24. That’s because you think data entry is not a skill and they should be paid less. We need to change this mentality first. Also a house mail makes 95k at my friends place and their rates are 80-100k now

  25. I'm not saying they should be paid less, I'm talking about reality and the OP is asking about the current range and what you stated as the salary range is completely unrealistic over here. Yeah housemaids myt be making that much, but I know for a fact those who do data entry don't. Yes, it's a skill, but one that's fading away and easily replaceable thanks to the developments in automation. So, it's good for something of a hustle.

  26. The dynamic between the worship of Hindu deities (Devas) here in Lanka versus in India different. In India the Devas have undergone multiple evolutions including political cultism which also occurred in Rome, Egypt, and Mexico. How a Deva is viewed in India during the present age differs greatly, but to my understanding the general consensus is that they are viewed as a personification of a divinity that is constantly existing, who’s powers can be gained through ritualistic invocation.

  27. It's like when someone asks why this Corolla has a Nissan badge stuck on it, & you go on to explain about Japanese Samurais and WW2 atomic bombings and how Mitsubishi made warplanes and Toyota used to make weaving machines and what not.

  28. How do you become paranoid and leave your wallet and phone? I'm paranoid about leaving those back when I step out 😂 The phone cuz I'd wanna get help if something happens and the wallet cz if something really bad happens they can atleast find out my ID. But then things aren't so bad here, nothing much to worry about mate.

  29. I watched a theligu movie called 'Kariya"

  30. Geez guys, I don't like politics but I would never insult others on their political views.

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