1. Envoy is so damn impactful. The 0.98 and 0.92 feel much more misleading than it seems.

  2. Wait does this mean that there can potentially be expansion teams at no cost anymore? Or am I misunderstanding this?

  3. we don't know yet. they asked for activisions comment, but they just gave a generic PR statement

  4. There are certain attachments that are only for multiplayer. I believe surplus is one of those

  5. Bo4 SBMM was no where near the same as MW2019 and onwards to be fair Bo4 was still a very fun pub game while these last few are borderline unplayable

  6. First clip was in 2020. MW19 had already came out and finished almost it's entire life cycle

  7. whats the chrome extension you are using here? is it to find out if an account is a bot account?

  8. I think optic beats Denial, optic traditionally started slow at events and heated up throughout the weekend

  9. im just basing it on the actual results staying the same. Because its a big leap to say that the results would've changed. However, the run to the bracket for the finalist would've definitely be different.

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