1. I loved Owen when the show was focusing on his relationship with people around him, like what happened in season 1. We used to see Owen talking with TK, trying to comfort Judd, protecting Marjan, giving trust to Paul and Mateo and bonding with Michelle.

  2. Agreed he’s a good character and I have nothing against him. It just feels so self-centered around him and it’s getting god damn old. They keep it up they will lose viewers. I’ve watched less of Chicago fire because felt to centered on like 2-3 people.

  3. I would like to see a big fire now that you bring it up. Maybe a tall structure and were left thinking the team or someone is trapped. Thankfully they come out with some smoke and small injuries and well not dead.

  4. Gabby was actually a great character until she and Matt adopted Louie and she quickly became one of the most unlikeable Chicago characters ever

  5. She was kind of shitty girlfriend/fiancé/wife to Matt to be honest. Never really talked to him. Made choices without him. Undermined him quite a bit. I don’t want to get into the details there’s enough threads on her being a red flag.

  6. Hello, Stefan was 161 when he starting dating 17 year old Elena, so if we are getting technical here 🤐

  7. I think they meant from the perspective of people who don’t how old they actual are. I mean think about it… putting vampire age aside for a moment. Damon 25 dating Caroline 16-17. Stefan 17 dating Elena also 16-17 Again putting vampire ages aside y’all don’t think it’s a little creepy..,

  8. So apparently they all just are the same age as the actors. The only one who I guess isn’t is Allison aka Maggie. Didn’t she just have a 30 birthday? Or am I wrong about that. Allison is 37 but I guess everyone else minus the kids are their own ages.

  9. What subreddit does Reddit not have that’s the real question 😂

  10. There’s a villain in Tv shows that people love. I mean if you’ve watched the vampire diaries Klaus and Kai were huge villain fan favorites. Actually I think Klaus and Kai may have the heart of people more then some of the main character. I don’t remember much of Theo I think as I got further into the season I just honestly blanked on the show a little. But Theo is definitely a smart kid who has a tragic backstory. All he really wanted was a family to call his own. If you look past you know the evilness it’s actually quite sad. Granted he’s got moments that make you god damn it Theo!

  11. It’s actually way more common then you think. I mean there are billions of relationships in the world you really think every single one of them isn’t hiding something like they are married or they have kids? It’s really not that far of stretch to be honest. Some don’t think of it as being mean full enough to mention right away. Some truly forget until maybe some life event makes them remember. Remember there’s a billions (tv show incuded) of couples out there with so many different situation. Carlos didn’t see it as problem because he wasn’t in love with her. Some people like Carlos marry someone to please their parents. Some to make themselves straight. Eventually they separate and but don’t divorce for reasons. Then over time it just isn’t a big deal, to them. So again really not far fetched. Hell someone could be tell their partner as you are reading this that they are married.

  12. Oh I 100% believe there are things people keep from people. Lots of relationships have secrets. I just didn't believe it for the character Carlos because it was a part of him and they've been thru so much together...it just seems like a stretch for him to "forget" this period of his life. I can just imagine being at home with TK and opening up to him about this without shame or worry TK might flip...but he is worried now because they are about to get married soon and he never said a thing.

  13. Yeah that’s definitely a solid point. I hope he goes into why he didn’t tell Tk but I just don’t think we will hear it. I mean I feel like if Carlos told him everything from the start that tk would have actually been supportive in the main reason why they didn’t get divorce. My only guess is he was afraid TK wouldn’t be supportive. I mean there’s always the chance but I think Tk wouldn’t have left considering his reaction.

  14. Agreed on top of the fact that the two had t been dating that long either what a couple months just purely based off Nathan playing basketball timeline. If you are 25 and want to get married after 2 months of dating go ahead. Your of legal consent and don’t need mommy and daddy. They weren’t even pregnant or seniors. I’m not bashing on anyone who was 16 and getting married but I will say it shouldn’t be the reason to get married. Get married (any age) after you’ve had the baby and you want to get married because you love them. Not because of a baby or the pressure from family. Sorry odd topic. Marriage is a huge commitment no doubt but at the of the day is still a piece of paper. If they are saw each other at the end of high school year getting married then get married once you graduate. Well I don’t agree with Deb going at them at a party I do agree with the fact they were ready. Again only been dating two months, still kids… I love Haley parents as comedy but imo they were still bad parents. Not the worst but well…

  15. I love how Kat/Bonnie looks the most similar Then Paul/Stefan Ian/Damon Then dead dead last is Nina/Elena

  16. Don’t beat yourself up too much lad, could’ve been a million times worse. I can see alot of pain in that haha.

  17. I’m going to be real with you OP. It’s going to be hard fix though and depending on how you get it fixed. Just be completely aware that quite some artist will turn you away. It’s a large piece with not a whole lot of room to work with. It’s a ton of dark colors which will make it hard. I’m not saying give up hope completely, understand that. I’m just saying it might be a hard road to go down trying to cover it up or fixing it.

  18. i still think theres a chance with ashley too cuz she wouldn't be playing sharpay in this case, she would be playing herself mostly

  19. And even then she could play someone else doesn’t have to be Ashley. I mean I think it’s a little unrealistic to have the characters of Hsmtmts be visited by Corbin, Vanessa and Ashley. Not including Lucas as he was in a dream.

  20. 3x01. I don’t dislike it, but the episode’s purpose was to set up the season and therefore not a lot happened

  21. I don’t know for me I don’t think it’s a HUGE deal that Ricky wasn’t with them for what a single day? At the end of the day he was still there. I’m not bashing on him or anyone in the comments before anyone comes for me. I think it’s just the smallest thing. Besides like someone said I think that it was a little lesson for Ricky that not everyone is out to be your friend. But I agree episode 1 wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t hate it. And yes I know I’ll get down votes I’m just saying…

  22. I agree with you on the ships. Half the time my ships never end up as end game or the show ends too early. My guess is that I think Carlos and Seb will break up due to some new blood bug hopefully by the end of the season they get back together.

  23. Honestly most of Second chances. “I’m finding who I want to be” “Was I fool to read between the lines. Did I misread the signs that much?” “Maybe I’m safer when I’m the on the run. No time open up my heart. Maybe I’ll hide behind the walls again. “

  24. He’s very nice to look at and has a beautiful voice…but I did not enjoy the whole Tommy/Julius thing 😬 I’m kind of hoping he never comes back.

  25. Yeah he’s a great character but not for romantic aspect. I mean there’s so many other arcs they could do. So many and they chose this route? But I stopped trying to making sense of the show after Mateo went from failing the written test 3 times being a rookie for a year then jumping right to becoming a Lt… despite WHY he was there. I seriously stopped question Ryan Murphy and the team.

  26. I’m talking specifically about Finn. Dude massacred a village of people for a girl he knew for like 40 days, and all the while they dated his girlfriend was still alive. Just some murderous freak.

  27. The thing was this it wasn’t even 40 days it was roughly what 2 weeks maybe a little more or less. (Correct me if I’m wrong) But it definitely wasn’t 40 days I think from the time they land to the time the other land it’s only been about a month. So that just makes him look worse.

  28. The show is great I love it but not a single character imo ain’t without a flaw. They all do something at some point to really piss you off. The only one I find most of the time that doesn’t piss me off or annoy me, is Monty. I think throughout the entire show he stays fairly pure for the most part. He’s got eye rolling moments for sure but he doesn’t annoy me like others. Just you wait pal as you get further along.

  29. 6 just because I always find that movies made after a tv show especially after it’s been done for years. Never quite do well. I would say 7 if Stiles was in it. Stiles was the glue to the pack and it just won’t be the same. I would say the same if any of the core pack members wasn’t there.

  30. Not sure how they could pull off a Paige reprisal since she died when she was 14 and now looks 35. But maybe.

  31. You really need to get your eyes checked if you think she’s 35…. Your nearly 10 years off… she’s 27 first off. Second she looks like she 20 at least. I think you might be the only one who thinks she 35…

  32. I think you meant to say "second she looks like she 20 at max ". It's a common mistake to mix/confuse min and max.

  33. Also can we talk about how Brooke and Peyton just be sharing love interests. It’s weirdly weird. Lucas. Nathan. Julien, Chase even if we want to go that far. Im surprised, Brooke didn’t go after Jake.

  34. I don’t count Chase for this honestly. It was a kiss to make someone jealous. There was zero chemistry and even she knew it. Brooke crushed on Jake but I don’t count that as anything more then that. But yes they really did make it small town romance.

  35. It actually does not matter who has seniority in this case. Even if the truck lieutenant has seniority, once squad is called out it is a squad situation and they are in charge.

  36. Depends on the situation and who’s there. If squad was called out based purely off of needing more hands it’s who ever was on scene before. It’s been talked about several times. If clearly squad situation then yes they are in charge but again it’s been shown several times when squad goes out just for an extra hand. It’s literally first come first charge.

  37. Severide was totally pigheaded about the Darden incident. Casey as Truck Lt was the scene commander and had every right to order Squad to vent the building. Getting all high and mighty about being Rescue Squad doesn’t excuse the fact that a fellow firefighter died because of their failure to perform a reasonable request.

  38. Agreed one thing about squad I really hate is how they always thought they were better. Yeah I agree you got more training and more knowledge of stuff but at the end of the day saving a life/lives is all that matters. Getting them out and get your team out. It’s also been stated many many times that the first engine on scene even by 5 seconds is the lead until the commander is there. Matt if I remember correctly was there first and was the one to give an order. You have two people barking orders you get well a Darden situation.

  39. The grounders vaunt purely off season 1 and 2 Here my reason. Imagine you’ve been living on the ground for decades. You learn tradition you build a home. Your part of a clan which part of 11 other clans. In some way or another you do coincide with most clans. You are simply just living. (Im not actually sure how many clans actually suffered at the hands of the mountain men due the fact that they were spread apart) You and several other clans have a common enemy the mountain men. Your also hiding again the acid fog the biggest enemy unknown to them is man made. Then one day something giant falls from the sky. Other people who you don’t know what they want. They kill your people with these rockets you automatically assume that they did it on purpose. (The rocker to tell the ark there’s hope) Then they set up a meeting to have a truce only to be gunned down by someone (the same guns used by the mountain men). As they go to attack these kids to protect them self after they started a war. They killed 300 of their warriors. Then one man goes and guns down an small innocent village with a gun. They think it’s an act of war again.

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