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  1. The more Super GT content, the merrier! The scapes are perfect to show off the quality of liveries.

  2. Pretty much every special lambo looks horrible. Diablo, Gallardo and Murcielago is peak lambo design

  3. Never thought I would ever say this but I'm glad my favorite supercar, the Aventador stopped production. The original one was clean as hell and the 750-4 SV is very nice too but not as clean, and considering the latest Lambo models I don't think they can make it any better. God knows how they could have raped it with 5000 vents on every inch.

  4. God damn that DDM mod looks good, gonna try to get some shots on there later

  5. Hey, if you still like hanging on Gunsai I finally finished a

  6. Not even into animes but I would love to race Fits like these in a one-make cup!

  7. I know Hololive though, if you follow Super GT this year Pacific Racing's 488 is in a livery featuring the Hololive girls. I made that as a skin in AC :)

  8. That custom spoiler on the Skyline is so sweet! Totally forgot it was available in the game, haha.

  9. Hope you gain a following with your series!

  10. Thanks! Lots of hours has been put into making the video but I enjoyed making it so I hope it turns out to be successful!

  11. I hoped for it being the Soarer but all the different tuning options really make me appreciate the S14.

  12. My bet is also NFS2015 as well judging by some other screenshots that use it, I have no idea why but it looks overbrightened in my game, would love it if I could get it look like as seen in this video though

  13. Did you try decreasing the filter exposure? If not try around 30%

  14. Man! If you added some more effects and maybe reshade, you could have this looking almost identical.

  15. Honestly I'm not a fan of ReShade, I tinker with weather humidity and fog to sometimes achieve similar conditions, they can look great as the trees appear in the hazy distance, I also added some shaking for extra realism though it stopped for some reason at half of the video lol

  16. Now this, this is top tier post that's too good to be just a shitpost Holy crap I haven't laughed this loud in a while.

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