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  1. Saw someone using an admin soul to do t5 revs and it was working fine for him as long as he was letting the boss hit him once in a while

  2. Hypixel souls will deal enough damage to kill it before it reaches that stage however admins will not, but admins will break the ai before it goes into regen phase making it much easier to kill as long as u deal decent amount of dps along with it. In the event it does go into regen phase go to the entrance of the cave and wait then go back in to try again.

  3. Its easy likely due to the fact most people use multiple G/D heads

  4. U focus on only souls or just when u happen to find??

  5. When I need money I’ll admin run and as its a moderately rare room it takes time to find. I never rlly find one by chance either as i dont enter m1 asides from admin running and they only drop from there

  6. The comments of the original Reddit post show a lot of people looked at the original react drama with Charlie and never watched more of Matto’s react series

  7. if u dont have already, u can get ult wise 5 on the soul weapon, and a sheep pet for the mana reduction, and a mana swapping set

  8. Summoning ring can’t use ultimate wise that’s what makes sword and scythe better

  9. all master mode floors have the same admin souls so if you didn't claim the admin room fairy soul you can easily locate it in your quest log

  10. I’m pretty sure when you hover over the ring/weapon, it will tell you the souls. However I’m pretty sure admin souls are very hard to get so they may go for a lot. For reference it would say : [ADMIN] (Admin name)

  11. They are 2m per admin from official prices and don’t have the word admin before the name.

  12. talismans - 1731 1336 (bizarre) 230 (tuning ) 60 enrichments 100 expresso 6 melody's hair 3 bat artifact -4 jerry artifact Temporary - 630 god potion 100( jerry candy) apply end portal fumes Century cake - 5 Beacon 5 - 25 Bottle of Jyree - 100 Bat Stacking - 200 Permanent - 250 Alchemy level 50 - 86 Enchanting level 60 - 106 All melody harp songs complete - 28 Defuse kit - 10 Wither shop mana - 10 Enderman level 8 - 10 Armor - 3741.2 Infernal Aurora Each piece gives 315 (helm 479) 15-star bonus plus armor - 1851.2 Necrotic 800 Gemstones 240 Big brain+ smarty-pants 50 Mana Pool 800 (it works with FD multi) sword - 770 350 (base) 125 (mythic heroic) 60 (perf gemstones)

  13. wouldn't it be better useing a edrag instead of a sheep, bc a boost of 10% at these rates should be much more than 200 base

  14. I suppose blaze on nether would be better due to giving intelligence as a stat as well. I didn’t count this though as this is a copy paste of a necromancy guide and the ability of 20% mana from sheep is better than the added mana

  15. How do u do it, like open a tab and make it screen half and half, or use ur phone?

  16. There’s a chrome extension, I forgot the name, but it allows u to make videos playing pop out and then will be in front of the minecraft application so you can watch it in the corner

  17. Yes I posted it there after my friend shared it on discord

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