1. [SG] 32GB (2x16GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX White 3000MHz C15 [W] £70

  2. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=cl14+vs+c16+is+tehre+diff

  3. I do have a 1050ti laying around but I'm leaving for the lake district in the next hour so I wouldnt likely be able to post it until new year haha.

  4. Does the 1050ti require any power connectors or is it powered by the motherboard? I am just off the M6 of you travel that way to the lakes BTW :)

  5. Sounds perfect mate! I'll let OP get first dibs but looking for a PCI powered card for my media pc

  6. Yeah mate but I'm not from Stoke so trying to convince a mate to pick it up for me!

  7. This 100%. Where were you 2 months ago when i was building. Dammit

  8. But the person buying all these up ends up deleting and removing their PM message or is that auto done?

  9. It’s not 6th gen but it’s fast, I’m selling the following combo for £120:

  10. Yeha would be very interested mate. Are you nearby or is postage the only option?

  11. Hey, I'm in London so I think that's not very near you. I think it'll be postage in that case, so probably 125-130 inc. postage.

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