1. I still have 2 weeks of uni Nonononono, pls don't wipe before christmas. I need to no life next wipe 🥸🥸🥸

  2. Its not worth it bro, save your sanity, kill the addiction before it starts.

  3. basically what happened. The russian servers have desync and the dev got head eyes. So he banned him. He got unbanned after some time

  4. I've found that map choice is very important when I'm playing solo vs when I'm playing with a squad. As a solo I am far more effective on Interchange and woods as its easier to predict player paths and very easy to flank almost any position. You'll find that if you can get the first kill out of a multiple player team, on those maps the teams tend to root around the body, making it easy to move, kill, move, kill. Customs is just way too random for the average solo to excel at. Even Reserve is better than customs as a solo, and I hate Reserve.

  5. It used to, but when bitcoin shot up in 2019, they nerfed it because it was selling for like 900k a coin, and then it has since crashed back down, but they still haven't changed it back from whatever change they made

  6. Unfortunately, they made one of the most BSG moves and instead of doing the easy, simple, community called for fix of just artificially reducing the price, they made every aspect of production harder. It takes way longer and costs more to setup. Unless you are constantly using the rest of the hideout it takes a long time to reach a profit, purely from the bitcoin farm. For people to believe otherwise is disingenuous to themselves and others.

  7. Recoil in and of itself isn't necessarily too high except in some select cases.

  8. when they don’t put the hat all the way on their head. I couldn’t tell ya why but when guys do this I just can’t find them attractive

  9. There was this dude in college one class ahead of me. He wore the same hat exactly the same way for 2 years+. The bottom of it barely seated on the top of his head. There was always 4 inches of air on top of what I assumed to be an empty brain cavity. And he drove a lifted Ford but thats beside the point. I wonder if he ever took the hat off......

  10. A lot of people jumped on marauders because it was "like tarkov". When people realized it wasn't that in depth and the "end game" was super easy to reach people stopped playing.

  11. M1A, SR25 for nostalgia reasons. Used to be able to use them in budget loadouts. They sound amazing too!

  12. 624m on Interchange. From the roof of power to the Oli warehouse ramps.

  13. Just make guns with stock actually use the stock as the fulcrum of the recoil angle, not the pistol grip. It causes the effect that makes 95% of optics black out when firing. The auto compensation also causes some amount of distortion with certain optics relative to where the reticle is and where the bullet hits.

  14. I believe it is, but it still is only part of the problem. When rapid firing a pistol, I would expect a highly trained merc to be able to not limp wrist it all over the place. The weird up and down shot patterns are a direct result of the auto comp system and that is just as big a problem as anything.

  15. I don't enjoy the weapon era and lack of customization. Gameplay is alright but the constant aimbot of the ai as soon as they gain LOS is stupid.

  16. It’s not just gear, it’s map knowledge/pathing and aim

  17. If this event doesn't show skill, then why are some of the people who wear good armor and use good guns now complaining? If they're skilled then why aren't they all just rolling everyone even harder? Like you said it takes map knowledge, aim, etc. to be good. They have all that, apparently. But now that Timbo can actually do some damage and it doesn't really matter what armor you wear, now thats not skill. Funny

  18. I love the event, it feels like fresh wipe again. Funny how all the self proclaimed chads are complaining about it because their gear crutch isn't saving them anymore.

  19. Welcome to my world. I live in the middle of Central North America and I frequently have ping anywhere from 70-120 because wifi gud. Everything is going to be okay.

  20. Trust me dawg, I'm connected by 150ft ethernet cable that snakes through my basement to my room. Its a stable connection, but if I wanted to play on all available servers, I would get 100 ping steady on anything other than Dallas, Detroit, and anything remotely close to mid US. Haven't played since the server migration so hopefully its not worse.

  21. The only problem I have with it is that I can only examine one item at a time. At least let me spam examine multiple things at once.

  22. All the backs of their ear rings and 1 leg off the couch.

  23. You beat gear fear when you find out how to easily replace what you have. Thats why on day 1, everybody is somewhat passive, and doesn't really want to fight all that much. They can't replenish the gear lost very easily. So once I get to the point that I can buy whatever and use it raid after raid, I'm not afraid to fight.

  24. I just watched the Conjuring with my Fiance. It isn't scary as much as it just messes with you. Would recommend, I think, although I don't want to watch it again.

  25. Yeah it works good, especially now with everyone taking double damage

  26. Experience is awful, but I don't see cheaters very often. All the issues the game has are more agregious than ever. But hey, streets by the end of the year at least.....

  27. 1st shot was too close to the rocks, probably hot eaten by a hitbox but the rest obviously missed.

  28. I want some 10mm guns! Glock 20, MP10, 10mm AR, etc.

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