1. Adam Schefter is reporting that stat will “likely change next season”.

  2. “The stat, which recently was prescribed medication for erectile dysfunction, will change next season per me”

  3. What's the long-term plan for water in the Phoenix area?

  4. I wonder what our upper-limit is for habitability as humans. Phoenix already averages 105 degrees in the summer.

  5. ipad is an insignificant portion of ad dollars & they’re pissed off at apple

  6. Surprise surprise, the police were fucking useless in this instance too

  7. Or less laws to make marriage equitable for men. Men are screwed in marriage in the negative financial liability fashion. Why, because women only want men better than them financially for the majority of them. Women need to open up to more customers and things will improve. Also they got to be loyal to one man earlier than later.

  8. I think the success of UTBOH might help catalyze this. If FX can avoid lawsuits from the church then that would crack the door open, especially given how insanely successful The Book of Mormon broadway & Big Love have been in the past.

  9. I'm not following you here. I don't really agree that not growing (in the sense of expanding market cap) means stagnation. Coke and Campbells aren't really known for being places to put your money and let price appreciation make you rich but they are both really strong, stable and profitable companies. Billions of investment dollars sits in these equities quietly collecting dividends. These companies do bake up new products regularly to keep up to date with consumer tastes and wants but neither seems terribly focused on growth in the sense they we usually mean when discussing business. They certainly aren't averse to growth where they feel it makes sense to shot the shoot but they definitely aren't prioritizing it at the highest level.

  10. Lol the 2 companies you just picked are both 130+ years old; that’s obviously not what he’s referring to. Also Campbells stock price is the same as it was in 1997 - hardly a good investment.

  11. Them being so old is sort of the point.....they've survived a long long time and they aren't growth focused anymore.

  12. It’s not myopic to view share price as the greatest driver of return for a shareholder… but sure let’s look at Campbell’s TSR over L5Y. Less than 1% annualized since 2017. That is a laughable return given how dramatically cheap capital has been & alternative growth expansion even in their own peer set.

  13. Rent is definitionally higher than a mortgage because rent is mortgage+profits.

  14. No - quite often that’s not the case. Rentals in high COL areas are frequently priced at a point only covering interest as landlords are comfortable paying principle & enjoying their increasing equity.

  15. It was a gift. Brings me happy thoughts. I like it.

  16. In the USA children learn more important things like how many identities a person can claim to have based on their sexual preferences. Such a great society!

  17. It’s my destiny to be taken by the fever at 17, don’t cure that away from me

  18. I know you’re just promoting your article, but as someone who worked in ad sales @ google for many years - it’s mostly nonsense.

  19. I hate the advertising business, but seriously, Google is one of the better players, especially for consumers.

  20. There is an insane amount of policy, moderation, & privacy security that is happening that people never get to see. There are millions of advertisers trying to game the system, but google is also not without its faults. At the end of the day it’s an advertising company first, so it wants to maximize revenue, but it has so much intent-driven data from Search that it doesn’t have to play in the mud with a lot of other ad networks.

  21. Oh yes I know I’m just making fun of the cocky Gen Zers

  22. Lol your comments read like your day job is a coal mine. You’ve created a boogeyman out of the wrong subject & “tech bros with teslas/mansions” are not the source of this market bubble.

  23. The 3 exclamation marks really add a nice facebook/chain-mail aesthetic

  24. To be fair, Evra talks shit about Pep and especially City 24/7, this was bound to happen lol, Pep is on smoke

  25. The truth is, he needs to get this handled before he will be ready to have a healthy relationship with you. I would recommend a 12 step recovery group in your area.

  26. Surprised FTX didn’t jump in. They’ve sponsored F1, NBA, MLB, & NFL

  27. Recently spoke with a tech recruiter who mentioned that their team is seeing a significant number of tech companies they work with slow/ pause hiring with the recent stock market declines. “Two months ago, it was a hiring frenzy. That’s slowed dramatically with many companies now in a holding pattern.”

  28. Nailed it, although I got hired on as a full stack developer lmao. They gradually moved me away from it as I got more client experience so now I have a buzz word title that confuses recruiters.

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