[Highlight] Derrick White barely beats the buzzer and forces a game 7!

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  1. Katie Lee Burchill is the definitive answer here. She was going by her nickname and her mask literally covered part of her skin and not her actual face.

  2. How Elvis gimmick Honky Tonky became the longest IC title holder?

  3. There were no guaranteed contracts back then, so Honky Tonk Man kept refusing to lose the title threatening to go to WCW (or whatever it was back then) with the IC Title.

  4. Hot take: Nacho didn't deserve a happy ending. He can't force Saul to pair with Lalo and then afterward tell him "When you're in, you're in" and not let him out and then all of a sudden act like he who CHOSE to be in the game can just leave when he wants to. Nacho is the catalyst for most of season 6 going down how it did.

  5. The lawyers in the final episode didn't seem that...enjoyable to watch for some reason. Like the combo of black and white and the camera angles and their personalities just didn't do it for me.

  6. The scene where Walt puts a bomb on Gus’ car. Gus returns to it, seems to magically know something is wrong and leaves.

  7. Okay so I was in your boat for a while and basically the explanation I've seen is that Gus knows he didn't poison the kid, meaning Jesse demanding he go to the hospital doesn't make any sense to him. So when he's walking to the car he realizes "Wait if I didn't poison the kid then who did?" and walks away thinking that none of the situation makes any sense. AKA "Someone wanted me to come to here for a reason, I'm leaving."

  8. Philly fans are meaner but they don’t have the same reputation for being racist. They don’t need to use skin color to be haters, they just wake up ready to boo somebody, anybody

  9. The city of Philadelphia doesn't act like underdogs or victims all the time, they to a extent embrace being assholes. Boston acts like they're always down and out, especially in sports, despite winning like 20 titles over the last 20 years.

  10. Barkley's mad that the Celtics got it to game 7 just to lose, wasting his time and making him have to wait a week to get out of work for the next 4 months.

  11. She’s probably the reason why I think NXT has the best women’s division in the US, bar none.

  12. To me it's pretty clear that some female wrestlers are noticeably worse when Sara isn't involved in their matches (AKA when they get called up).

  13. The crazy thing is if you go back and watch the foul on Butler, they added .9 seconds back to the clock. I don't have a clue how the hell the clock could have possibly stopped at 3 seconds on the dot, and if they even brought it to just 2.9, that shot wouldn't have counted.

  14. they adjusted it after the call..? they do this all the time

  15. I'm saying when you pause at 3 seconds on the dot, I don't see how a foul has occurred yet.

  16. This was inevitable once the rules changed for voting and Banks didn't win for Five-O, which is still by far the biggest slam dunk the show had at an Emmy chance. Nothing else has come close to that.

  17. Micheal Mando better win one for his performance in his death scene. "So when you're stuck in your shitty nursing home and sucking down your jello, you think of ME." Truly haunting, gives me chills every time.

  18. I hate to break it to you but that episode took place during the eligibility for LAST year's Emmy's. And he was not nominated for it.

  19. Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian-American professional wrestler and columnist. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is a two-time women's world champion, having won the Divas Championship and SmackDown Women's Championship once each. She is also a one-time WWE Women's Tag Team Champion with Tamina. She is a third generation professional wrestler, and is also the daughter of Hart Foundation member and Hall of Famer Jim Neidhart.

  20. Two out walk, two out error, two out single. 5/6 of the runs the Padres have scored this series have come with 2 outs and the inning being over in sight.

  21. Again, they are not making it hard to pirate. It’s an open source emulator available online already. What ROM you use is entirely up to you.

  22. Nintendo in an attempt to curb piracy is trying to block Steam from allowing the use of Dolphin, the GameCube/Wii emulator. Emulators were deemed legal like 30 years ago, but Nintendo is claiming that the Dolphin emulator uses a specific piece of Nintendo intellectual property in order to decrypt the games so they actually work, which would be illegal for reasons beyond emulation in their mind.

  23. You copy pasted somehing from the internet you don’t understand shit.

  24. I literally typed every single word out of that myself. Not to mention, in this back and forth you have literally on 3 occasions just generically said "you don't understand shit" without explaining WHY any of this isn't the case. But I also don't give a shit anymore at this point as I recognize no one's gonna change their mind about this.

  25. No one ever talks about Bananas using Paula all season on the Island, only to drop her from his boat before the final to ensure he won no matter what. He also did this waaaaaaaay before what Sarah did to him, and always complained about it like he was holier than thou and would never betray an ally at the last minute just to win a final.

  26. Not entirely true. Paula was NEVER part of their boat. The boat was originally Johnny, Kenny, Derrick, and Abram. When Abram left, Dunbar was the 4th person. Had Evelyn lost and not taken Dunbar's key, Dunbar got the 4th spot. Paula was also FULLY aware of all of this. She just expected her friends to dump the people they promised spots to to take her, despite her NEVER being promised a spot on the boat.

  27. No they didn't. Kenny flat out explained this on Derrick's original podcast over 10 years ago. In fact, Paula was THERE when he made the deal to give her Dunbar's spot on the boat. Meaning she wasn't blindsided at all by Evelyn, she just assumed that Kenny was going to be like LOL JK and give the spot to Paula. So in fact, Kenny allowed everyone who had a key that he promised onto his boat a spot.

  28. I disagree with this because Charlotte did nothing wrong. Charlotte returned to SmackDown and Paige inserted her into the Women's Title match for no reason. Charlotte shouldn't be expected to say "Oh no this is Becky's turn, leave me off SummerSlam." Especially from kayfabe perspective of "SummerSlam's payday is probably a really big one."

  29. The point being that Charlotte shouldn't be expected to just turn down a match to not hurt Becky's feelings. The Usos gained NOTHING from beating Big E/Woods.

  30. How the fuck would that make me REST ASSURED knowing that I'm getting my ass kicked instead?

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