1. For a bit I was kinda worried that DC would try to make Tim and Cass a couple cos you know how much they love their Batgirl/Robin romances

  2. Tim and Wonder Cass is lowkey a good secondary ship tho

  3. Ok can we hate on TimBabs next? Wtf were the Arkham devs smoking

  4. Prequels which have a bunch of boring scenes discussing space politics: apolitical

  5. Imagine waking up one day and everybody on the internet refers to you as finger

  6. A lot of the non-MCU guys coming back is cool but RDJ has already has his story in the MCU with a perfect ending

  7. If they brought him back he’d be a variant (i’d imagine for a brief cameo) not the 616 one resurrected. “Perfect endings” didn’t stop them from bringing back Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman

  8. My favorite Sully is the 10-feet-tall blue creature whose job it is to extract a resource vital to the survival of his civilization, who ends up turning against his employer when he comes to love a girl whose people are exploited in the process of extracting the resource.

  9. This is Jakesooly slander and I won’t stand for it. The resource wasn’t vital to the human race like that, it was vital to the corporation’s shareholders. So he had to choose between genocide of the people he loves or fighting back against a greedy and cruel corporation.

  10. Tbf that kind of applies to James P. Sullivan as well. Monsters Incorporated (the greedy corporation) was willing to kidnap children and manually extract screams from their subjects, which in the end is proved to be unnecessary as power can alternatively be generated from laughter.

  11. Fair point but Monster Sully isn’t blue, he’s teal and I don’t think he’s 10 feet tall either

  12. https://twitter.com/CBMCringe/status/1575943012928323584?s=20&t=qECgB_hJ0UmHmiefRiFLlQ

  13. Lmao there is something seriously wrong with these people

  14. I think DC should do what Sony did to TASM movies. Just do a hard reboot. Cancel all the projects. Even Sony canceled the rumored Sinister Six movie. Seriously if DC wants a DC universe like Marvel cancel everything rn and start from Level 1. Because even as a general fan of DC I am always confused which project is canon which isnt. Which movie is going to get released or get cancelled like batgirl. And also TASM movies didn't under perform at box office they didn't get money as much as avi arad wanted. Just let Universal buy DC and then let universal create then DC universe till then cancel all the projects if we really want a cinematic universe.

  15. Shame on you for not including JLU’s “Am I Blue” scene

  16. I was initially somewhat optimistic about Zaslav, but it seems he just has a huge ego, isn't humble enough to admit he doesn't know what he doesn't know, and wants to have final say on decisions he should be deferring.

  17. Snyderverse was gonna stay dead regardless. No executive that cares about money (in other words no executive at all) would ever have another Snyder DC film greenlit

  18. No, we don't know that at all. All it takes is for someone in a position of power to be a fan of his. That's the only reason the snyder cut got released.

  19. The only reason the Snyder Cut got released was to get more HBO Max subscribers. The budget that went to releasing the Snyder Cut is incomparable to what would be needed to make Snyder’s JL follow-ups.

  20. Since it’s pretty obvious Deadpool 3 is directly connected to the first two, Fox’s entire X-Men film series is retroactively canon to the grand MCU narrative like Sony’s Spider-Man movies are now.

  21. Better than the IMAX poster, and because it wasn’t filmed or specially formatted for IMAX, DC is the ideal format to watch the movie in

  22. You joke but the usual suspects on twitter will unironically say this

  23. So Dr Fate sees a vision on Sabbac destroying the land and believe Black Adam is required to stop him.. ok

  24. Bruh she tried to use Enchantress. It is definitely like her

  25. Bruce Timm would’ve become an NSFW artist if he was born some years later instead

  26. The Rock in khaki jungle gear, The Rock in brown jungle wear, The Rock in beige shirt and shorts combo fit for jungle attire.

  27. The Rock in a black superhero suit with a lightning bolt on it

  28. Yeah that was the person Superman was crying over while Darkseid was giving him emotional support, how could I forget

  29. The real answer is he wants to continue to render a photorealistic Neytiri

  30. When I’m in a “never moving on from the past” competition and my opponent is a

  31. Avatar unironically has great action. Jakesooly using the broken off mech knife against Papa Dragon was sick af idc what anyone says.

  32. Also the movie might actually be the graphical best animated movie of all time

  33. Toy Story 4 is fantastic but I’m giving that title to Spider-Verse for the amazing artistry of its animation

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