1. Lol mine is a very small dot. I would be so distracted by that puppy

  2. Yup. I like how the short covers your forehead a bit as well. The other made your forehead look bigger

  3. I’m same age and height but haven’t cut down to 160 in a long time…might have to try…I feel so skinny once I get down to like 170..usually around 175 to 180

  4. My wife and I are around 150k combined and can’t do the stay at home mom thing. Just not possible. Positives though our son loves daycare and learns a lot and we get a little time away which trust me you will need. In my opinion. Unless you want to live like lower class it’s almost impossible

  5. Refs were so bad for the bengals like god damn it was every drive they were calling the craziest shit on them

  6. Probably the guy behind the camera cause I’ll nail that tree head on

  7. 2nd time I’ve seen someone disrespect King’s Row. I’m not understanding how you don’t think King’s Row is fun with Hammond. It’s one of my favorite maps in the game & definitely one of my favorite with Wrecking Ball. Lijang is S-tier for me. In general I have fun on Wrecking Ball with the majority of those maps

  8. I do the pink junker one. I like how I stand out and imagine the little hamter built it with his own lil paws

  9. I’ve been told that on here a few times haha I’ll take it he’s badass

  10. Were the pictures taken a long time apart ? Scruffy makes you look like 5 years older but in a good way

  11. Yeah actually these pics are like 4 years apart lmao I didn’t think it would get this much attention… I’ve rocked scruff for about 3 years. My last job I had to clean shave every day and looked like the before every day for 3 years. Didn’t know I looked like a lesbian the whole time lol

  12. What rank are you? I used to hard carry like this until I got to plat. People love to focus ball in higher ranks and it's starting to be a struggle

  13. Honestly I never have enough time to do competitive mostly just play quick play with friends on Pc but I’m on console and by myself right here. So when I play just console I do way better but yeah not sure what I would be. I have 35 hours with ball which is my most by a good amount so I don’t play a crazy amount also ngl the mercy found me a lot and healed me a lot which is abnormal for me when I play ball

  14. when the enemy team is annoying and The ball rage comes out

  15. Yeah at first they had a mei and she was pissing me off. But that Cassidy I feel bad he died 13 times and I was a lot of them . He would stick me and everything and I would still get him pretty easily in the back line

  16. So dumb. Especially the way things are now. I assume you are young or something

  17. I just used it recently for awhile didn’t have any sides. Did around 15mg for 8 weeks. Felt completely normal. Did gain some weight but nothing crazy.

  18. Yeah I know there’s only 6 options max and I figured ball would be the least popular.

  19. Like all my mains are in D :( hamster is my most played

  20. I hate playing against a good mercy. That’s my number 1.

  21. Man, i underestimate how many new players are actually playing ow now. First off, welcome and i hope you enjoy the game :D 2nd, Genji can deflect almost every projectile, and meis ult is considered as one

  22. I’ve played for 5 years on and off and never knew that. Nothing makes sense in this game. Why would him hitting it back make it freeze her but any other time it doesn’t. That logically makes no sense

  23. No chiefs! No chiefs! I like to see new teams! Not the announcers sucking him off all game

  24. House hold of 5 plus we wash bet sheets weekly, blankets bi-weekly, pet beds weekly and we don't use paper towels so extra cloths for messes, 3 kids who are great at making messes. Plus my work clothes and house clothes. I wash both daily as I workout in my home clothes daily and work in work clothes daily

  25. Okay you just do to much washing that’s the problem lol

  26. 3 loads of laundry every single day? Dang how many people live in your house?

  27. Yeah we have us and a baby and do maybe once a week…3 a day is mind blowing

  28. 23,22,21 have all had horrible gameplay in my opinion. Slow, ugly, clunky terrible all around. I’ve just stuck with 20 and had a great time. I can’t do the others I just can’t deal with how bad they are and when I switch back I’m like wow can’t believe how much better it is and it’s still not even that great overall lol

  29. 40 year old virgin is one of the top comedies from the 2000s. Yeah some of his stuff is kinda repetitive but they are all popular for a reason. The majority of people think they are funny and enjoy them.

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