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  1. I just love the Alt. Something about big heavy machines with unga bunga weapons just makes me happy.

  2. I'm a little confused. What are we talking about here? The relics? Yeah, those are bad, but is the build not good? I haven't played in quite a while, so I don't know what has changed for a bit.

  3. I need to see these people fight goldian and silverlos in mhfu.. for science..

  4. Silverlos slightly moves leg and everyone dies around them

  5. 4 furious rajangs taped together to make on giant Rajang!

  6. Serious question for you. Outside the movies, when's the last time you've seen someone die in the monster hunter world? You only ever hear about people dying in the games when it comes to large elders. Most often than not, a character is either temporarily injured or crippled from the hunt. The people there are built like brick walls.

  7. Video game logic doesn't apply to story telling. Seriously tell me when has monster hunter as a game series last mentioned someone dying from a monster? When has an active field character ever been shown to ever been killed or gravely injured by a monster? You could do that in story telling but last I recall, the main series had mh1 with the Kokoto mentioning his spouse dying during a Lao Shan Lung hunt and mh stories where Cheval's mother (who is a fairly ordinary person) gets crushed by a building being destroyed by an enraged blighted nargacuga.

  8. So I went and watched the super rad video, gaijin hunter's is gone I guess because I could not find it. The video did not change my perception. Though I do find it odd that you claim to hate the parroted opinions of the haters, yet you yourself parrot the super rad video.

  9. Wait, did the 14th volume already come out? I'm behind the times.

  10. I love Chrono Trigger but I don't know what to do with it

  11. Wait, Vaporeon can liquify itself. So that won't do anything.

  12. I knew exactly what was coming but it still made me laugh.

  13. this is too real i fucking died watching index 3. There's also Overlord who got shafted, and I'm pretty sure there are much worse one out there that i don't know/remember

  14. So I'm a Spider, So What?! put the entirety of it's first three to four novels in the first few episodes and kept a lightning speed which just left so many people confused about the story.

  15. also the butchering of human side chars and plot

  16. That pissed me off so much. I'm not even a huge fan of the human parts in the novels, but they are necessary to understand the whole plot. That and I believe in Katia supremacy and they did her DIRTY in the anime.

  17. The English dub is so good that I almost refuse to watch it in Japanese.

  18. I'm a bit sad that the car didn't explode with perfect comedic timing.

  19. I have not been liking the anime moves and absolute insane attacks we've been able to do in the past few iterations of MH. In all honesty though, that's probably just the boomer hunter in me talking. Reminiscing of the good ole days.

  20. How does these ads attract people? Do people actually see an ad and gameplay like that, go download the game, realise it’s nothing like the ad and go.

  21. Actually, yeah. The psychology behind it is basically that you're already there, might as well see if the game is actually good. Then if your brain gets even a little bit of serotonin it will want more. Even if one person whales at all it's a victory for the developer.

  22. My biggest problem with the fight is that Sasori had this massive cylinder with a symbol on it like it was one of Lord Zedd's putty weak points and Sakura never once thought to punch that. Correct me if I'm wrong though, it has been a long time since I watched Shippuden.

  23. I would never use them. Granted, I don't golf, so that would be easy.

  24. Oh, my sweet summer child. While WWE was bad, let me introduce to you the honest, WORST ad we've ever been graced with.

  25. I also lost my bun today. He was my first as well. This is so hard to deal with. I fully understand the pain you're going through. I'm sorry that you're also having to deal with this pain. He is adorable.

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