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  1. Is this the same woman who translated Eminem when he was on tour? There was an awesome video of her signing 'Rap god' which is insane

  2. Reggie-Bot, here! If you're thinking about the British royal family, and want a fun random fact about one of them, please let me know!

  3. Just be sure to drink a whole lot of whiskey before you do the act.

  4. I get a lot of definition type qs instead of situational... I just use the free version tho

  5. 15/12/6 with a 82 fg%. It’s a very effective build especially as a defensive presence. I pretty much control the entire paint like Gobert. Since I’m max weight/height it’s very easy to back down opponents and score at the rim. Usually i’ll get double teamed but I have bullet passer so i’ll swing out to my shooters

  6. I screen often but usually to get my pg open for a 3. I’ll roll if they double team him and at that point it’s over, even if they recover I’ll still score using a pump fake or just going straight up. If someone collapses I kickback to the open man. But I usually like to score using the dropstep move, it’s literally unguardable with a player my size. On defense, my player is surprisingly athletic, I get crazy chase down blocks and my player will jump damn near across the court for them.

  7. Is there a last year article of 2k22 before the release?

  8. If your really a video learning then I think you should go for EDUHUBSPOT. Currently i am on my second attempt. For my first attempt I used AR’s and I scored an average of 75% so I gave for exam but I felt exam was way difficult than what I practiced. Now I am using Eduhubspot. They give complete visual education and the questions are quite similar like what I faced in my PMP exam.

  9. Regarding #11, what do you mean by "force is best approach"?

  10. That's very impressive. Except for points, you're leading in all other categories.

  11. You can upgrade for only $499 to hide 3 trafficked kids in the secret compartment

  12. Thanksgiving dinners are going to be awkward.

  13. Post an "officiant wanted for free, will feed pizzas" on Craigslist and do the ceremony at home.

  14. That comic is a decade old. The GOP has really mellowed out and become more focused on kindness and helping out your fellow man since then.

  15. I wish the lawyer hammered it in and get a definite confirmation from MTG, getting her to give an absolute answer before bringing up any exhibit.

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