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  1. I remember bronze was a potato lol

  2. bro you're gold you got so many ranks above you it's completely different

  3. Yeah I get this. It was just frustrating because I spent all last season on this ridiculous uphill grind through gold's that can air dribble and do all kinds of crazy stuff.I can actually control myself and the ball fairly well, I guess I'm just in a weird funk. I keep whiffing shots I KNOW I can make, etc....That being said I literally just won my first plat 2's tourny! Way stoked, and teammate was amazing. Gotta love it when you and a partner just click.

  4. Something that might help is going on discord and finding people to play 3s with. 3s solo queue is tough, in 2s I can carry one person I can't carry 2. Finding people to play with on discord has made my 3s experience alot more enjoyable.

  5. I can appreciate that. I've actually been thinking about doing just that; I suppose it's time to break the ice in a couple groups I know. I'm kinda introverted when it comes to voice chat (unless I've had a few beers :p)

  6. Should not be doing Air dribbles if you cannot use your car in the air.

  7. I else do you learn? I have no particular desire to air roll all the time so I learned how to use it sparingly so far. Just enough to get me oriented how I'd like. I've done tons of just flying around the arena and can fly figure 8's in pillars just fine...not super fast admittedly, but fairly controlled. What would you advise?

  8. Don’t entertain them, OP. This is supposed to be a welcoming sub that answers questions for those who want to learn, not a place for small people to put down others. They wouldn’t have worded it as such if they weren’t looking to put you down.

  9. This is handy! I have bakkesmod actually. I forget quite often I can slow the game down, might help with my jumping too early and boosting too long. Thanks!

  10. I literally only use what a save when there's a good save...

  11. So your launch angles honestly look decent. In general I find it's easier to recover from "oops I hit it too vertically" than "oops I hit it too far downfield" but really most of your angles seemed workable. I think the biggest thing you can work on is a combo of a slightly lighter first touch and getting on the boost faster once you leave the wall. The reason for both of those things is that you tend to take too long to catch up the ball, which results in you hitting it too hard, hitting it too far behind, or both.

  12. I want the ability to purchase the battlepass for other players

  13. Ikr, gold to plat feels so hard haha

  14. It really does. Guess I just make too many mistakes x.x

  15. I play with a group with of respectful older gamers. We all bounce between C2 and C3 in 3’s. We might be willing to try a session with you. I myself am 41 years old.

  16. 34 g2/3 and I don't rage! Always looking for folks better than me to play with :) on that grind

  17. I'm gold 2/3 in 2's. I feel like I have decent game sense, positioning and rotations, but I lack consistency and occasionally spaz out. I'd be happy to ay with ya whenever, I'm always looking to get better. 34, live in STL, 420 friendly, usually having some beers while playing, and overall pretty laid back. Hmu bro 🤙

  18. A few things. Being able to hit the ball with power is one. Then also being able to hit it hard or soft when you want. And then being able to hit consistently. This allows you to make saves, not throw the ball away, but also have power clears that can give you time.

  19. Hell yeah thanks man! Feel free to add me if you ever wanna play around.

  20. I guess east? I'm in Missouri, should be east I think.

  21. So this is a good suggestion, but why couldn't you just alternate the direction of the circle as well?

  22. For half flips, what it means is that your stick can be a bit away from perfectly straight up or down and the car will still flip perfectly straight back, then cancel perfectly straight in the opposing direction. The higher the controller deadzone, the bigger the margin for error you're giving yourself to get perfectly straight up and down movement, but it does make normal steering of the car worse the higher the deadzone. 0.2 seems like an okay compromise for me.

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