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  1. Is the new TikTok trend shoving a camera up your ass?

  2. Turn off infinite boost and practice aerial touches. Start by just getting your hit no matter where it is, then once you've got consistent touches, start touching them towards the goal. Then towards one side of the goal (left or right) and etc.

  3. Looks nice! I'd recommend slapping some bone meal around the grass to provide some more cover 👍

  4. I keep seeing this, what is that on the bottom right of the bookshelves?

  5. The one with the stick baton had me rollin! 🤣🤣🤣

  6. No. I have a esports decal on and it’s saved from a replay so the scoreboard doesn’t have the orange team on the left side, but I’m really orange team

  7. Right on lol was confused, but excellent shot!

  8. I'd like this too. Specifically if they were to discuss depression. I was diagnosed with depression around the age of 16 (after a lot of self mutilation and many runaway attempts ((due to an overwhelming sense of independence, not particularly home trouble))) and have gone untreated for almost 20 years. It's been very difficult, and has definitely gotten worse. For the first time in my life I am seriously interested in seeking some kind of assistance because I'm just too tired to keep fighting against it so hard. Would love to hear if people's thoughts and perceptions of manic depression, anxiety, and other such mental disorders have changed at all...when I was younger people's attitude towards depression (including my own at the time) was a kind of flippant "get over it"

  9. I'd love a TW fennec and a big splash. Price? Also might have to wait for tomorrow, off work in roughly 6 hours

  10. Hi how about 1500c for fenn tw and the splash thats big?

  11. Sounds good to me bro, add Dutch_The_Clutch on epic. Let me know when you're available tomorrow and we'll see if we can line it all up 👍

  12. From what I've read on this subreddit, each arrow level increases that archers damage by 20% or something like that

  13. But I don’t see their damage increase on their stats though?

  14. Also, if you're looking for a guild to join, feel free to hop in PureEvil :)

  15. Look at the cp stat (combat power) right under their picture 👍

  16. I work as a custodian for a company that cleans schools. I wish more teachers did this. It seems like no parents or teachers or anyone teaches these kids (from very young through middle school) how to properly use a restroom. Highschool kids I assume are too self involved to have a nasty pee dance party in their bathrooms.

  17. In the original post, I explained them lol. They match the black torrent boost very well, as well as them kinda being what I wear on every vehicle. Sweeper cert too ^

  18. Black Octane, Abstruse decal w/juggler, black fsl-b's, black warp trail, black torrent boost. Kept the two shades to match the torrent (also they're kinda my signature), they've got the sweeper cert, and GE is the yin yang dueling dragons.

  19. The field of view is the same on both settings … ?

  20. Pretty much everyone uses a maxed FOV for camera settings, but distance, angle and height all have an effect on how much you can see around your car.

  21. Scar Raffe Brownie Shaq Sylphy Taurus Rhino Hedwig

  22. I wanted but I'm not allowed because I just left my old guild :(

  23. You're welcome any time :) my wife and I are pretty well hooked on this one

  24. For those curious here's the setup; (currently unpainted, going for Burnt Sienna later) Honda Civic R-LE, HRB-20 wheel (burnt sienna, old RP item), Ombre decal for Honda Civic (current pass), Primary paint finish 1-Way (current pass), Secondary paint finish Corroded metal.

  25. Love it lol! I have a similar one, try out the sun damaged paint finish, it makes for an exquisite beater lol

  26. I did but it makes the paint really dark for some reason. Also it's a bit odd to see flaked paint and then a more smooth surface with rusted parts. But hey, tastes can differ but that doesn't make it better or worse amirite?

  27. I've brought this up in comments before on psyonix posts but no one ever pays attention to it. The shade raid style goal explosions (the old RP space version as well) all make it not possible to get a low five or high five. Idk why. I have nearly 1k low fives and idk like 20 high fives or something but during those goal explosions it's not possible to be credited

  28. I use shade raid often enough, gotten plenty of low fives with it. It just makes it very difficult to tell who's who with the filter it puts over the screen.

  29. Wtf you mean clean?! That was dirtier than a $2 hooker!

  30. Left goes unless someone calls it. The call, however, is null and void if you call from back starting position 💁

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