1. I'm such a bad mom and i'm so sad for my family that my parents don't have to go through with it anymore

  2. Japan / Indonesia is what I'm saying. Probably Japan, vlogging is popular there

  3. But then again Japan prohibits loud noises or anything that will disturb everyon else in their trains.

  4. I have done this,the moment i get 3 shots land on him,he start turning and i cant follow him ,even if i try to finish him i lose all speed and die,especially with the damage models of this game:i can shoot half my ammo and it keeps flying

  5. I'm a Zero player here, the best way you can fight a Zero is by going higher and divibg down to strike then going back up in the air. The Zero is good at climbing up but it loses power real quick once it goes at a 90 degree angle. Just avoid turn fights and be aware of your surroundings.

  6. This random pipe work looking nose girl just called my appearance mid and somehow she got it right.

  7. Damn, not my fault I Like doing gacha, I don't kill animals for fun or shit :/

  8. I don't care if you like gacha, be a good person or I will hunt you down

  9. I feel like I am a good person. Just happen to like gacha and I haven't been able to escape ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  10. As a Japan player I'm also hoping for the campaign for the southern resource area. Could introduce the Dutch or Australians this way.

  11. My bad, new player here who hasn't played all the campaigns. Is that like battlepass? Or is event separate?

  12. Ahh understandable. It's like the current event that is happening right now but less grindy. It happened a couple of months ago just after the Pacific came out. You can't get it now unfortunately as you can only get event stuff from events.

  13. They look like typical Japanese to me. Living under harsh conditions and frequently under fear/pressure will change a man. Typical Japanese workers looked like them in the Showa era, today less manual labor is done so they look different.

  14. I'm not the guy in the pic but i'm the closest thing you're getting.

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