1. It's American wagyu, so it's not the best but try either Japanese or Australian and you'll notice a huge difference

  2. Someone corrected me on this and I verified on ones I bought, it’s actually sourced from Australia.

  3. i think i would call them poppers. I have never even heard of armadillo eggs.

  4. These are armadillo eggs and they’re delicious

  5. Yeah, I know it’s just Walmart steak but seemed like some good marbling for an $8 strip. Never tried any wagyu before, just local grown beef. Probably just hit it hot and fast on each side.

  6. That’s the right way to do it for a steak like this.

  7. Cut in 1/2 strips, and sear on the stainless pan, no oil, about 1.5 to 2 min max on each side. If it's true, wagyu, that is all you need to be perfect.

  8. There isn’t enough marbling in this steak to treat it like Japanese Wagyu.

  9. Sounds like you have plenty lined up! Griddles are awesome, easy to use and clean.

  10. Karting in general is a blast. Definitely give it a go!

  11. During the sear though? Wouldn’t it just burn and become bitter?

  12. Tell me you don’t know anything about flavor without telling me.

  13. Do you have a better, more apt way to describe Nazis and Hitler?

  14. The Austin XL is a workhorse. Definitely worth $300.

  15. Probably posted a poll in a “crunchy moms” group on what to name her son.

  16. However you might feel about dude’s performance, he is doing something to spread awareness over something bigger than him as an individual. If he was so narcissistic he would be singing about himself.

  17. I’d say his message is ill-received. Other vegans have even said this person is likely doing more harm than good.

  18. Look at his posts. Almost every single one has him as the center of attention.

  19. For those who are against cooking a tri tip like a brisket, give it a try. Or see the many posts of great results from cooking one like this.

  20. Fair point if you think everyone should also give well done sirloin steaks a try.

  21. Not even close to being equivalent. Good try though.

  22. Haha, that’s actually very true. Who has time or energy to socialize anymore…

  23. US drivers are so bad. Especially in Cali. Teaching people driving could help saving lives. Good infrastructure also. I am wondering where our tax money goes.

  24. This is 100%. The skills required to acquire a driving license are ridiculously low in this country. Basically if you have a pulse, you can get a license.

  25. the problem is that in 98% of the country life without a car is extremely difficult to impossible. We've spent at least 3-4 generations creating a car dependent society.

  26. Which is why it’ll take equally as long, if not longer, to change. I’m not arguing it shouldn’t be done, but there are effective short term solutions available.

  27. Thanks ! I actually just smoked it all the way to 155 then wrapped with butter in butcher paper and then plastic wrap just to rest and travel.

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