1. Shameless plug of all my things! I make paddles (working on new ones in resin right now). You can find them on Etsy, and now on Charm Skool!

  2. I just checked out your Etsy shop. I don't have pierced ears, but the butt plug earrings made me giggle. So cute!

  3. Kink-aware coach here starting to look at potentially taking on one or two more clients. If you've considered coaching for reaching your goals or going through life/personal changes, drop me a line and let's have a chat and see if we'd be a good fit to support you on your journey.

  4. To me, romance is being seen completely, heard clearly, and loved deeply - in feelings, words, and actions - for exactly who I am. I assume under this definition it would be something completely different for each person, because to have true intimacy you need to be known vulnerably as a unique individual. For me it's Sir buying me an old book that I have wanted instead of flowers or chocolates because he knows it will touch my heart more, dressing up as a pirate with me on a random weekend day and playing make believe, dancing and spinning me randomly as we walk down the street and pass a restaurant with live musicians, or giggling in bed with inside jokes and cuddles and kisses. I imagine for other people it would be completely different and I think that's beautiful. (Yes I know I'm a completely hopeless romantic sap.)

  5. Also, I know this is way more than 25 words. I'm a brat and you're not my Teddy, so deal with it. 😂

  6. .....I.... probably... have a peter pan kink and should do some thinking about that...

  7. You're very welcome. It's my favorite fantasy. And there are so many evil places you can take it. 😈😅

  8. Thank you so much for all your feedback on my other post it really helped me to think on how to keep an overall brattiness while being submissive to my "Mista J" and he really enjoyed how I ended up paying it and said I pulled off the character perfectly.

  9. There’s actually a gay “test” you can run on them, without them ever being the wiser. It works with the chemicals in the human brain that sense love. You create a 1/3 mixture of apple cider vinegar, baking soda and sprite and mix it in a clear glass. Turn and ask your suspected gay friend to drink it. It he’s unable to drink it because he already got his mouth full of dick he’s gay.

  10. I love breeding kink! And I love that you want your partner to be enthusiastic about it. Nothing weird here at all.

  11. I’d love it to be all sassy, until I realize he’d see that every time!

  12. Yeah I giggled when I wrote that one. But you've got to be really brave to put it on a belt because the repercussions are not going to be pretty.

  13. He would definitely take “You can do better than that!” to heart. So that has to be out. A girl needs to survive it, after all.

  14. I teased my Teddy through his boxers as he was waking up this morning but the poor guy had no time for sex before he left for work. Those pants must be pretty tight sitting in his office right now. Don't worry though. I'm helping by sending him naughty texts and panty pics while he's at work. I'm sure there will be no negative repercussions for me when he gets home from work tonight... 😅

  15. I think somewhere between 14 and 20. I'm not 100% sure. I went through two periods of time after breakups where I had a lot of kinky play partners and gave a lot of head. I've been monogamous with my amazing partner for nearly a decade now though, so a person's history says nothing about their future.

  16. Cleaning everything up after. I don't wanna go pee when I'm super comfortable, cuddled up against my partner >:(

  17. Well, Sunday night I came out of the hotel bathroom into the bedroom in bright red strappy lingerie. I have a feeling my partner knew I wanted to get it on... 😅

  18. Hands tied behind the back, duster in the mouth, going around the house dusting everything?

  19. I love secret public play. Something with a little thrill and a little effort. Nothing that would break the consent of anyone in a public vanilla setting, but just enough to feel naughty and keep that possibility of being discovered and shamed/humiliated in the mind. 🥵

  20. The most evil kinky chores time Sir ever gave me was when he had me wear suction nipple correctors over my nipples and Bluetooth headphones on playing public disgrace videos (I love those for audio because they tend to be very loud and verbal, lean heavily into degradation play, and I know they're made ethically.) And I had to clean around the house and do dishes etc while being kept so riled up from all the aural stimulation and aching nipple sensations, but absolutely nothing touching my pussy or clit or ass (this was on a "no touch" edging day, but he said nipples didn't count.)

  21. Part of scening is suspension of disbelief. Safety is #1 priority, always. Scenes are partly what you bring to it and partly make believe. If it's too cold outside do this inside. Don't even start with a tent if it's too cold to be safe or healthy. Start the scene later when you've already found her and brought her in. Interrogate and seduce her in your barracks and use your basement or even bedroom if that's best. The point is for everyone involved to have a good time and enjoy the scene and that's not going to happen if the setting gets someone sick or injured. The same idea can be applied to the language barrier. Work with what you've got and use your imagination for the rest. You're not shooting a movie. This is grown up make believe and the point is to have fun.

  22. Video. Body language is always an important part of communication, but especially in coaching.

  23. Congratulations! Keep it up, one day at a time. I know this probably doesn't mean much from an internet stranger, but I'm proud of you.

  24. It means the world! I’m a teacher. I tell my 5th graders I am proud of them daily.

  25. I used to work in education before I became disabled. Stay motivated for your kids. Your own kids and your students. They are the best motivation in the world!

  26. Hmmmm.... That is an inconvenience...

  27. I mean, I know I would enjoy living unplugged, but I know you'd all miss me too much so for your sakes I'll stick around and continue chatting it up and sharing my shenanigans. I'm just that generous.

  28. I know this whole subreddit was barely holding on until I arrived. I really don't know how you all made it through but thankfully I showed up to shine a light into this world with my glowing presence.

  29. "Let" is not really a thing. I don't control him. But I would not be ok with it and it would definitely harm our relationship, probably irreparably. But that's also because we have firmly established that our relationship is monogamous. I would 100% not be ok with that for my relationship, but it's really none of my business if other people are cool with this kind of thing in their relationship.

  30. Intelligence, spirituality, humility, compassion, confidence and playfulness. I've dated people of all genders and all shapes and sizes but those qualities are my "type."

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