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Homophobe harassing Target shoppers

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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My girlfriend raped me

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  1. I'd be willing to abide a literal hell just to watch the people who actually deserve it, like this guy, be dragged down to it kicking and screaming.

  2. his hell is literally right here on earth. look how miserable he is. nothing better to do than shit on others who are different. you gotta be a sad sack with small dick energy to act like this buffoon

  3. I hope you can heal from this and I'm sorry this happened to you

  4. I feel like I am pan because it literally does not matter to me at all what gender/sex/genitals a person is or has. I am attracted to a person for who that person is and how beautiful I find their mind and personality. Physical attraction is based on looks to some degree, but I'm largely more interested in good hearted, sweet people that have empathy for others because that matters way more to me. Like, someone could be absolutely beautiful, but if they are a POS then I aint interested.

  5. My preferences are female presenting but it doesn’t matter the actual gender. But I do find all genders attractive.

  6. Same here. Female presenting is a good way to put it for my preference as well, but I think people of all genders can be attractive too

  7. Thank you! Thats sweet. My heart is currently under lock and key in a diamond encrusted curio guarded by the soul of Betty White

  8. Ehm no Bi= attracted to two ore more genders Pan= attracted regardless of gender (gender is not a factor in attraction) At least since the 90s

  9. Yeah, that seems to be a more accurate description. Also, why I said my early understanding may not be accurate. Thank you for clarifying

  10. they can have whatever interpretation they want, but those battleaxe bisexuals are just so mean or invalidating abt it. and for a community that likes to pretend as if labels shouldn't matter, they sure love to hate the pansexuality label. fighting over such trivial shit shouldn't matter imo, it should be enough that we're all part of the community and bc of that, we need to support one another

  11. Why do any of these creeps think any of this shit will work?

  12. this whole tread just warms my heart !!! It is very considerate of you to think so much into it i love you for that !!

  13. I think you should have this conversation with her, to let her know you’re trying and to get her opinion. Everyone is different.

  14. A lot of us understand you and you are definitely not alone. I hope you get to feeling better. DM me sometime

  15. You dont own a toothbrush? No, there's always one around

  16. "I'm sorry, I can't help you. I'm waiting for my boss's pretty friend to arrive"

  17. when she was drunk she looked right at Andy and said she wished his girlfriend Jessica would die. I was like daaayum Erin!!!!

  18. I put mango juice in a. blender and add a tbsp of powder and give it a whirl. Tastes great imo

  19. fell in love with this when i first saw her! then i found out there's a subreddit for it.

  20. Save you a click. It’s hot there.

  21. Spent 4 years there at Ft. Sill. Can confirm. Hotter than Satans taint

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