AITA for getting my eldest daughter a kitten when wife is already overwhelmed with our disabled child?

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  1. Not to mention all the dead kingdoms and castles, they are not trying to bring the game back but squeeze thousands out of people with crap updates. But hey who wants a new hero for 5k?

  2. I’ve seen so many replies like this lol I guess I just needed an outside perspective to realize how emotionally charged everything between us is. Or at least I think it is. Aaaaaaah

  3. Abbott is trash along with his whole organization things need to change bad this is beyond sad and sickening

  4. Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People and Youth of the Nation- POD these songs really hit different with all the current events

  5. NTA there’s nothing wrong with how you were eating. I don’t understand how we can eat burgers, pizza, hotdogs with out hands but god forbid someone eats rice by hand.

  6. I think I would eat this. But that could be the American in me talking

  7. only thing hes missing is the name of a girl he fell in love with at recess and i think hes all set

  8. How about Dwights double knife flip? Can’t sleep on the Schrute man

  9. She was just as bad as the guys in that prison. They literally tortured these people and did unspeakable sex acts to them. And if I’m not mistaken they only got a few months in jail. Or she did I can’t remember. Let off easy on war crimes

  10. Please stay strong and don’t give in there are tons of people sending hugs and love. Keep fighting OP. Please for all of us

  11. Oh stop being salty your wife is hilarious and you and your mom are the AH here.

  12. Does this dish have a name? I’ve been trying to find it on Google

  13. I had a whole mess of cupcakes for breakfast once so you enjoy that ice cream

  14. That looks pretty good. Did you have to do anything special to tenderize the London Broil?

  15. The doctor was from Russia and apparently he cooked and ate part of her too.

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