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  1. I always liked how powerful the dragon seemed plus I like the fire it shoots

  2. He gave me like 3 other genders 😭 He stole yours and gave to me🤩 Genderfluid here。3。

  3. I absolutely LOVE the small details Like the compasses, and the little tiny benson’s on Tubbo a outfit and the ender pearl for ranboos little cloak 🤩🤩🤩 I live this picture too much 😭

  4. If that happens again there is a spot in the map where you can walk right through, it’s near Anne and it’s and entire wall.

  5. I want to change my name mostly because my account reset after 2020 Christmas. And it set my name to Doreen oakwolf Now it’s catchy but it’s just not my style of name and I really wanna change it

  6. I named my some of my horses off dsmp characters so I got tack that matched So I just don’t take it off because of my bad memory And now I’ve started buying tack sets for my normal horses that are just named normally 😭😭😭


  8. Save my mom always said to save your money Especially if you aren’t sure it’s good to save it

  9. I have the Irish cob and they are beautiful but I also have the lusitano but I can’t choose which is better

  10. The amount of detail I just beautiful years of work have been made into success beauty

  11. you should look up on youtube “sso icelandic horse gaits” and you can find videos of their movements and decide if you like the way they look when they move, because thats a big thing with me is that i get excited aboyt new breeds and then i buy one and end up regretting it because i hate the way it moves

  12. I did that with the clydesdale And I don’t ride that horse anymore 🥲👍

  13. 10/10 it’s realistic And if my mom was raised on a ranch she would totally look like that ☺️

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