1. Don’t link DoorDash and if you want to succeed lol

  2. AFC championship just has to be in Buffalo. Idc about the Titans revenge story line. Nothing would be more incredible than clinching a super bowl trip at home

  3. Plug a printer cable into the xone 96 and record into Audacity. The 96 has built in sound cards.

  4. One was the home opener this year against Pittsburgh, I can't figure out the other one

  5. My gf has a tiny car and parked on Porter.. got a ticket

  6. For all the areas he mentioned lack shopping it’s still not a far drive to anything. Nothing is over 20 minutes away

  7. Anectodally, cdj3000s are lemons. Many of the djs touring here are specifically asking to have nxs2s instead

  8. Why are the requesting the nxs2? I’ve played on both and the 3000s feel the same. I like them better because the dedicated 8 beat loop button if anything

  9. Hm, never had an issue. Every flash I had worked fine instantly dont personally own them but a promoter I play with does

  10. Electronic music live shows in a nutshell (I listen to some electronic music, but I would prefer a simple, honest metal concert to any electronic live show).

  11. EDM shows in a nut shell. There’s still electronic djs performing live mixing across 4 decks or 3 turntables

  12. They were edm producers who performed DJing and then made Closer and started doing this hybrid band thing

  13. I've heard it a few times now that this feels like the new Brady/Manning Pats/Colts rivalry. Chiefs made us a better team, like them or not. Let's go show em

  14. That’s why I love how scheduling in NFL always puts #1 seeds against each other. We could be seeing Mahomes vs Allen once a year at minimum for a very long time

  15. We already play them the next two seasons, so that's at least four seasons in a row in the regular season and at least two in the postseason. Not to mention how similar they are in terms of arm talent and mobility, and that these matchups have been getting a ton of media frenzy. I can't think of another pair of QBs with this kind of budding rivalry, at least inter Division

  16. ESPN is notoriously cheap. Probably some over-worked 24-year old in the production department who is doing 50 other things, and should have had someone to review what’s going on the air.

  17. This seriously it. He probably mixed up 2 years ago and nobody double checked. People getting all upset about this is lame af. Everything’s a personal attack against Buffalo apparently

  18. I’d love to buy one but just can’t find them anywhere. Out of stock in every store in my area within like 20 miles. I’m just going to wait until they pop up and don’t sell out in 10 minutes. I don’t have time to wait around all day for a notification from HotStock to tell me there’s one at a target 25 miles from my house. I just want to be able to casually walk in to bestbuy and buy one with no hurry.

  19. I mean that’s not that hard. Just turn on notifications for a Twitter account and when it finally pops up buy it. It’s not like you can’t continue to live your life while waiting

  20. The problem is I can’t just drop what I’m doing to rush over and buy one..they sell out too quick.. That’s why I said I’d probably just wait until the demand isn’t so high and I could just walk into a store and buy one casually, not race over to the store and run inside.

  21. Why are you insistent on a store. Just order online and ship it

  22. Jeez to think 10 year cycle on a mixer. Using the latest CDJ 3000 on an outdated mixer. They should release both mixer and cdj models in close proximity of one another

  23. I mean they kind of did. It was the v10. It’s pretty common at bigger clubs to see 4xCDJs and a v10

  24. Honestly I’d watch a whole series of rich people trying to explain poor/average people things to each other, if only to laugh at how out of touch they are

  25. They would also like you to do that so they can make more money off you watching

  26. Eh, freak shows are a two way street of shame

  27. I’d rather be on the rich side and embrace my shame in my mansion

  28. Aren't you also getting a great deal when you hit on a late rounder?

  29. I disagree. I think Cincis O line is weak and their defense wouldn’t be able to stop Buffalo. The pats was an easy win as it turned out and I’m of the opinion the pats are a better team than cinci

  30. Yeah idk how you’re of that opinion. Burrow, Chase, Higgins, and Mixon are far scarier then Jones Bourne and Harris.

  31. I mean everyone does. He’s been the best QB in the league the past few seasons. Idk why everyone around here gets so butthurt about it

  32. Bills fans seem to go back and forth between wanting to be praised and wanting to be the underdog nobody notices. I only listen to WGR for sports. Don’t watch ESPN so all I know is people talking about the Bills

  33. Bodegas don’t sell prepared food. You can call it whatever you want obviously but a bodega vs deli and what constitutes each has been debated a lot

  34. Trying to say that bodegas don’t sell prepared food immediately disqualifies you from the conversation. The sandwich counter is a staple of the quintessential New York City bodega.

  35. Okay and that’s your opinion. Like i said tons of people online disagree with you. A lot agree. I’m Not the one departing either

  36. I'm in Amherst, so only 4-5 miles away. Still a little nervous though. I'll take your advice!

  37. Youll be good There’s hardly anyone out driving. You can really only get stuck on side streets. So as long as you can get from your house to a main road from there it’ll be pretty normal driving. It stopped snowing a while ago and plows/people driving have cleared things up now

  38. I'm giving Bass a pass on that one. It's gotta be tough kicking a brick.

  39. Why does everyone keep saying this? Footballs (anything with air) deflate in cold weather

  40. That was a boring game, to be fair. A lot of fun in football is following continued storylines through the season and whatnot. Just watching a football game with no prior background could definitely be boring.

  41. The Bills scored every drive feel like there’s way more boring games to have watched with little offense

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